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Spiderman Far From Home And Marvel’s Future: 5 ways Spiderman Pushes To Phase 4

Spiderman Far From Home And Marvel’s Future: 5 ways Spiderman Pushes To Phase 4

      With SpiderMan Far From Home being out for two weeks, fans are still busy whittling away theories, posting memes, and dissecting Marvel’s latest release. This film had a big (really humongous) task of jumping the characters and fans back into the Marvel world triple post snap.

To choose our journey back into this world through our beloved Peter Parker was fitting. Because, I am sure after Endgame, we all felt like an extremely hormonal 16yr old boy, who wants to escape the horrors of the world by going on an away trip, and trying to bag the woman (or err man) he loves. Pair that along with a cunning hero/ villain hell-bent to wrap the world in an illusion it was always believed to be, and SpiderMan Far From Home was one bumpy ride.

     Whatever the case maybe SDCC kicks off today and I am more than sure hundreds of thousands of fans will be sleeping overnight to get in the only panel that really only matters. Marvel producer Kevin Feige will be hosting the long anticipated Marvel panel that will reveal the official next phase for Marvel grand adventures. In the meantime, here is a theory behind why Far From Home was a successful push into Marvel’s future!

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     One of the films confirmed by Marvel Studios is Black Widow’s (way overdue) solo film. However, we see Black Widow was included in the touching tribute in the beginning of SpiderMan, and we know she was lost to the soul stone. How Marvel plans to reimplement her into the Marvel universe is tricky, and enticing to attempt to figure out? The reigning theory is that Black Widows film will more than likely be a prequel to her time as an Avenger, which makes sense, but also seems a bit late to the forefront. 

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    Our time with Black Widow through pretty much any Marvel movie (except Black Panther, Cap. Marvel, and Thor) has given us a large insight into who she was pre and post Avenger. It would be extremely cool to see her somehow brought back to the fold, on another earth, universe, and what have you; It would be more deserving of her character and a plot line folks wouldn’t see coming. Either way her being shown in SpiderMan Far From Home was not missed. 

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    The Elementals were a large part of SpiderMan Far From Home even if they were essentially just holographic drones. But, the mythology behind him crafted a story about parallel universes and earths – all known to be very real in the Marvel universe and capable of holding immense powers. So, another confirmed title, The Eternals also holds some weight and already has an A-Title cast (seemingly) attached to it. The Eternals reign from Jack Kirby’s time at Marvel and is about a group of immortal gods that do what Gods in mythology do – be an aid and horror to mankind.

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     Seeing as how Mysterio’s main tool was illusion, and using man’s naiveté and easily led belief, as a weapon it is interesting to see how Marvel will let that narrative weave us into the world of The Eternals. Maybe the audience will finally be introduced to the unknown worlds that Marvel holds! But, as far as,  The Avengers goes SpiderMan Far From Home did a great job of balancing old with the new.The story gave a little insight to the existence of earth’s remaining mightiest heroes but left enough shrouded in mystery to keep us on the edge of our seats. 

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    Truly the focus of the film was ushering Peter Parker (as maybe the next Tony Stark) forward and showing us what he is capable of. But it doesn’t go without saying that the rest of the films theorized to be confirmed in Marvel’s Phase 4 will surely give some connecting dots as to how the next Avengers will emerge in their sequels, and endings. The list goes as follows: Doctor Strange 2, Black Panther 2, Guardians 3, and THOR!

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      One film that stands apart from the list of sequels, and is our last interesting tidbit for this article at least is the title Shang-Chi! It is extremely cool to see Marvel expand in its diversity, now giving fans a (hopefully) all asian American film. Evidently, for this hero to receive his own solo film means he will definitely fall into the second set of Avengers to grace the screen. Again with SDCC kicking off today we will see, what the brilliant minds of Marvel hold in store for us.

But, as Spider Man Far From Home shows us, they still got it – at least for the time being. The best advice to us fans – grab your night monkey suit, and get ready to hold on for the ride! Check out the all the theory films below!

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