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[SPOTLIGHT] Art Beats & Lyrics Allows Its Patrons To Immerse Themselves In Music And Culture Like Never Before

[SPOTLIGHT] Art Beats & Lyrics Allows Its Patrons To Immerse Themselves In Music And Culture Like Never Before

Music lovers and art heads rejoice!

Through an epic blend of hip-hop, innovative technology, and urban visual art, “Art Beats & Lyrics” brings forth a new kind of creative experience that allows you to truly ‘be one with the art’, while celebrating the beauty of black culture.

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So what is Art Beats & Lyrics? Starting out as a local art show in Atlanta, AB+L has since evolved into a traveling exhibition that focuses on “supporting visionary artists and musicians who value authenticity, creativity, and individuality.” One of the most innovating features of AB+L is its ability to allow audiences to interact within the artistic space, allowing them to feel fully engaged with the experience and “ultimately leave feeling inspired.”

Quirktastic had the wonderful opportunity to chat with the curator of AB+L, Dwayne “Dubelyoo” Wright, to learn more about this unique project and how it all started:

1. Tell us about yourself, AB+L, and how it came to fruition? 

My name is Dubelyoo and I am an artist and curator living and working in Atlanta. Art, Beats + Lyrics started when my business partner, Jabari Graham wanted to merge his passion for art and music into one event. The first show took place at a local bar in Atlanta. I was one of the artists in the show.

The turnout was great; and a few weeks later, Jabari and I sat down to discuss an opportunity to take the show to the High Museum of Art. Four months later, we packed out the largest museum in the southeast in 2 hours. That show created such a buzz that we were able to partner with Jack Daniels a few years later. That partnership enabled us to take Art, Beats + Lyrics to stadiums, arenas, museums and venues around the country.

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2. What can attendees expect to see differently at each event? 

Our show is constantly evolving. This season’s attendees can expect to experience art installations that include painting, photography, murals, street art and now large-scale illuminated light boxes. All of this is set to the soundtrack of some of the hottest DJs in each tour city, our AB+L crew, and a headlining act. 

3. What’s been your favorite part about curating AB+L? 

My favorite part of curating AB+L would be watching the crowd get into the whole experience. Over the years our crowd has grown and it is amazing to see 2000+ people really connecting with the art and music to the point where it becomes a part of their yearly calendar. 


© Kat Goduco Photo

4. What future plans do you have for AB+L? 

Our plans are to keep bringing Jack Honey Art, Beats + Lyrics to our core cities while expanding to new markets and abroad. The love of art and music transcends cultures and borders. We want to share what we have with new audiences.

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5. When and where can we find the next event? 

We are going to hit Miami for Wynwood Art Walk on December 14th. We are super excited about doing our exhibition during NBA All-Star Weekend in February. We will then do our homecoming show in Atlanta and wrap up this season with our 4th annual Kentucky Derby show in May.

© Kat Goduco Photo

For more updates and info make sure to check out or just follow us on Instagram @artbeatsandlyrics 


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