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Spotlight: Nerdlesque Is The Next Show You Want To Be At

Spotlight: Nerdlesque Is The Next Show You Want To Be At

This past weekend, my boyfriend and I went to go see the first annual Nerdlesque show hosted at Imurj Raleigh by the fabulous, Lady Gatita. Now Nerdlesque is exactly what it sounds like: A nod to geek/nerd culture via burlesque show.

Kicking off the night was our hostess, Eva, a hilarious lady who kept us rolling smoothly from one segment to the next with her witty banter. She was an amazing hostess who knew how to not only laugh at herself but engaged the audience and kept us entertained the entire night.

We started off the night with a band by the name of The Blibbering Humdingers, a Harry Potter tribute band (yes, I know, that’s amazing.) The couple gave us a couple colorful, fun numbers including a song about the Harry/Ginny pairing, rooming with the Dark Lord, becoming a werewolf, and finally, a Groot and Rocket duet. These guys have great energy and chemistry and were the Harry Potter tribute band we didn’t know we needed.


As the night rolled on, we transitioned into a cosplay fashion show featuring Sailor Jupiter/Mako-chan, Denaris, a sparkling Mary Antoinette, and many more.

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Afterwards, we were treated to the League of Extraordinary Bellydancers, a belly dance troupe dedicated to Geeky fandoms. That particular night was Star Wars.

Throughout the night we were mesmerized by voluptuous, plus-sized burlesque dancers, gentleman stripping down to their huge glittery penises, a Tina Belcher striptease, Lady Deadpool, and a moving Moana tribute by our hostess, Lady Gatita.

The first annual Nerdlesque show was truly a night to remember. With the success of the first show, we look forward to the next Nerdlesque with all its geeky goodness in the future.

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