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Star Wars Fan Quiz: What Kind of Fan are You?

Star Wars Fan Quiz: What Kind of Fan are You?

How are you? Feeling okay in this post-Star Wars world of ours? It’s rough out there. Nobody hates a Star Wars fan like a Star Wars fan, amirite? Well, wrap up that post Star Wars Rise of Skywalker feels with a little fandom quiz. This Star Wars fan quiz will help you find out what kind of fan you are! 



rotten tomatoes Last Jedi stats star wars fan quiz
hmm.. something about this seems….



rotten tomatoes rise of skywalker stats star wars fan quiz
I mean I just can’t put my finger on it, but…



Ah, remember when we are all just pumped that Lando was coming back? Those were the days! 

Oh, BTW… 


Image result for spoiler alert gif"

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Quiz: What Type Of Star Wars Fan Are You?
You're The Favreaulorian

You're J. J. Binks

You're Kylo Rian

You're Lucas Skywalker

You're Rogue Tano

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