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Steve Aoki And Impact Theory’s Neon Future Is Gearing Up To Be The Newest Sci-Fi Behemoth To Take Fandom Culture By Storm

Steve Aoki And Impact Theory’s Neon Future Is Gearing Up To Be The Newest Sci-Fi Behemoth To Take Fandom Culture By Storm

What’s better than science fiction, nano-technology, comics, and Steve Aoki? How about all 4 at the same time!

Impact Theory, a “first-of-its-kind company designed to facilitate global change through the creation, cultivation, and monetization of culturally relevant content focused on human empowerment”, has just announced its newest venture: NEON FUTURE, a comic book series created in junction with none other than Steve Aoki, the immensely popular Grammy Award winning artist.

Neon Future is a sci-fi tale gearing to be a new fan favorite for all lovers of noir and retro-futurism. Quirktastic had the amazing opportunity at SDCC to speak with the CEO of Impact Theory, Tom Bilyeu,  and award-winning comic book writer Jim Krueger about this newest project.

Read down below for the rad interview: 


Q: How did Neon Future come about? Especially with Steve Aoki joining on as a creative partner?

A: So I [Tim Bilyeu] have an interview show called Impact Theory, and [Steve Aoki] was a guest on the show, and we really hit it off, and not long after that I pitched him the idea and he loved it, and we collaborated, brainstormed, created the world, all that, and then brought in this guy [Jim Krueger] to actually make it real and get it across the finish line. And yeah it was a lot of fun to collaborate with him!


Q: How was the journey from inception to now, with this physical product that looks like it’s gearing up to do really well?

A: It is a crazy, fun, wild journey that takes far longer than I would like to admit. But it has really been extraordinary: so it starts off obviously with the idea, the script… and then you go to concept art and you pencil it, ink it, color, letter, and then put it all back together and ship it off back to the printer.

Q: Is it a different process as an indie publisher versus say [one of the larger publishers]?

A: Yeah probably, in the sense that we have to do everything ourselves, so we’re actually dealing with the printer and choosing paper stock, and you know all those crazy things that somebody who’s gotten a green light from somebody else wouldn’t have to deal with. But in terms of the quality of the storytelling, working with the artist, all of that’s the same.

Q: So tell us a little bit about Neon Future?

A: It’s set 30 years in the future in a world where advanced technology’s been made illegal. And our story kicks off when the world’s most famous anti-tech crusader dies and is resurrected using the very technology he was trying to destroy. And then his resurrection sparks a civil war between those with technology embedded in their bodies and those without.

[Jim Krueger]: So the guy who used to like hunt down people with illegal technology is now one of them. So it’s like his entire world has changed: there are family members, there are friends…everyone that his life revolved around–his life was a certain way and it’s changed—

Q: So he’s gone from hero to fugitive?

A: Right, totally, and how his family reacts is a big part of the story, and what he’s supposed to do now—and plus, this stuff that’s been planted in him…it’s dangerous. And he doesn’t know how to control it at all.

Q: How long do you plan on having the series span? It sounds like it’s going to be really immersive!

A: Well, there’s an initial six issue series and issue 6 comes out next month [August] because 1-5 are all out right now. And then there’ll be a trade in the fall, and then early next year the next six issues will begin to come out.

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Q: What else can we expect from Impact Theory?

A: There’s nothing new that can be announced yet, but there are 2 to 3 new projects that will probably be announced in New York [Comic Con].

Q: Apart from the conventions, is there another way fans can keep up to date with Impact Theory and its projects?

A: Instagram: @itcomics, and our website which is!


Neon Future Issues #1-6 are available in all stores now, so make sure to snag them and immerse yourself in a beautiful new sci-fi world!

And make sure to check out the book trailer for Neon Future below!


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