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Stranger Comics Is Giving Us The Kickass Black Fantasy Characters We Deserve

Stranger Comics Is Giving Us The Kickass Black Fantasy Characters We Deserve

New York Comic Con 2017 was a time of awesome firsts for me. First time doing a serious cosplay. First time navigating a con by myself.

First time getting a photo with the legendary Kevin Conroy. It was also the first time I encountered one of the Stranger Comics artists for Niobe: She Is Life. I said hi, I saw beautifully-drawn art, and the next thing I knew, I was buying comics for the first time in over ten years.

Copped myself two of the most visually-striking comics–Dusu and Niobe: She Is Life. Had to grab ’em.

It’d been a long time since artwork had actually made me feel genuine emotion. I felt Dusu’s strength, Niobe’s determination. As much as I appreciate art, it’s rare for me to feel any real connection to someone’s work.

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When I read Niobe, that changed. There was so much impact behind the beauty of its elven fantasy world. It was actually hard not to feel anything while reading it. But to find out what had me up in my feelings, you’ll have to get yourself a copy of the comic.

Far be it from to be the bearer of spoilers. So here’s what I can tell you without giving anything away:

1. Activist, actress, and singer Amandla Stenberg is just one of the brilliant minds behind Niobe who did NOT come to play with y’all today.

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2. There are fantasy beings of all skin tones and facial features. No Lord of the Rings-type homogeny.

 3. The story will grab your attention and keep that sh*t. It’s also chock-full of feels. And you will catch them.

 4. The action and dialogue are well-placed and, more importantly, well-paced.

5. There’s at least one character that you will find yourself relating to on a personal level.

And there you have it, homies. That’s my take on Stranger Comics and Niobe: She Is Life, but I encourage you to read their titles and judge for yourself. You won’t be disappointed.


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