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Stranger Comics’ Niobe Is Returning In 3 New Tales

Stranger Comics’ Niobe Is Returning In 3 New Tales

Niobe is returning to reclaim her throne! 

Stranger Comics launched an opportunity to get Kickstarter exclusive comics of copies of NIOBE: She is Death issues 1 and 2 by actress Amandla Stenberg (The Hate You Give, Hunger Games) and CEO Sebastian A. Jones (The Untamed). A new title, ESSESSA, has been introduced as well. Kickstarter also has oversized hardcover exclusives of ERATHUNE, THE UNTAMED, and DUSU which are not sold in stores. She is Death follows the critically acclaimed first series, NIOBE: She is Life, which shattered barriers and made history becoming the first nationally distributed comic with a black female author (Amandla Stenberg), artist (Ashley A. Woods), and hero (Niobe) in the history of comics. Oscar winner Viola Davis wrote the foreword in the hardcover.

Co-Author, Amandla Stenberg

After seeing Niobe’s faith tested in the first collection, the follow-up title reflects the volatile times we live in today with the visceral sequel: NIOBE: She is Death.

The tale is about a Niobe Ayutamu, a young half-elf warrior woman struggling with her faith in humanity and the world. After witnessing too much wickedness, we see a hero’s journey from a young warrior into a roaming vigilante, a bounty hunter who hunts down slave traders and sex traffickers, rescuing the victims for the families who seek her help. This is the second volume in a collection where Niobe is destined to become the savior of an entire fantasy franchise.

Also available are Stranger’s homage comic covers including a tribute to A Tribe Called Quest’s album titled, “She Tribe Called Niobe.” They are limited comic editions of the original NIOBE: She is Life by Stenberg and Jones that pays respect to the Hip-Hop legends. The cover features some of the most influential indie comic creators and strong women of our generation including Stenberg and her The Hate You Give co-star and visionary Issa Rae. It also features Viola Davis, Garcelle Beauvais, and Mayim Bialik. A portion of this exclusive comic’s proceeds will go to Rhode Island University’s Outward Bound Program.

There’s also something special and exclusive for roleplaying fans! Get the Niobe Pathfinder Roleplaying game where fans can now play in the fantasy world of Asunda. Also included are collector opportunities, including her first appearance in THE UNTAMED: A Sinner’s Prayer, painted by Peter Bergting (Lord of the Rings) with covers by Jae Lee (Dark Tower) and Hyoung (The Last of Us). Other books to collect by Jones include the beautiful hardcover ERATHUN, a story about a dwarf burdened with a cursed axe in the icy mountains of Herfang; and the first issue of ESSESSA, a vampire seeking to regain her humanity will bleed the world dry to be with the man she loves. 

Anyone in Santa Monica this weekend? Be sure to stop by HideHo Comics for a Niobe Halloween turn up!

Are you as excited as we are? Check out Stranger Comics’ Kickstarter here. Also, be sure to look out for more titles by Stranger Comics on their website!


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