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#STREAMING WARS: How Anime Can Save Netflix from Disney +

#STREAMING WARS: How Anime Can Save Netflix from Disney +

     Anime is going to become Netflix’s mightiest avenger, and as a fan I couldn’t be more happier!

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      Disney + is coming…and with its arrival huge streaming platforms are getting into battle mode. As an industry behemoth Disney has been a life line for both Hulu and Netflix services, i.e. when Netflix released Avengers: Infinity War it was trending on social media for several weeks. With Disney + set to launch in November die hard fans will have access to our reboots of classic shows (its about time), as well as original content. If I was a major streaming service I would be shaking in my boots too, but leave it to Netflix to turn lemons into Bey Lemonade!

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    Netflix has partnered with 3 different Japanese production houses, plans to add a minimum of 30 NEW anime shows to their content, and  produce 5 original animes to their roster…to start. Director of Anime, Taito Okiura, is planning to announce huge anime works coming to Netflix in 2019 as well as continuing to get right to classics such as Devilman Crybaby, and Bleach. Adding this much anime content to Netflix platform is like a super Ki power up! Disney doesn’t have any original anime content, and the anime industry (+ fandom) alone brings in a total of over 20 billion dollars a year!

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      Netflix is also changing the way anime industry deals are made as a whole. Typically working in the anime industry consist of extremely long hours, hectic work schedules, and a host of other strenuous working conditions. Partnering with Netflix will allow more creative freedom, access to larger, diverse audiences, and majority of the risks will default on Netflix to make good on the content of the show.


      However, one would caution Netflix not to put all their eggs in this anime basket. Crunchy roll (owned by AT&T) is a huge contender in the anime space and they won’t roll over easy. Also Netflix has received heavy backlash from colossal anime production houses for fear that by acquiring the rights to these classic shows they won’t receive the proper billboard on the interface they deserve.

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      They have some heavy hitters to come against in the anime streaming space, but Netflix is pulling all stops to ensure their survival in this streaming war. If Netflix does become the main platform to get ALL of your anime fix this could guarantee longevity of Netflix existence, and the advantage of seeing some favorite anime classics  as well as new fandoms to take hold to!

Time will tell if the anime and Netflix pairing will be enough to hold them against The Mouse – hopefully for us fans it just means we get the best of both worlds!

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