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Let’s Talk About The Ignorance That Ensues Summer Walker’s Cancelling Of Her Tour Dates Due To Social Anxiety

Let’s Talk About The Ignorance That Ensues Summer Walker’s Cancelling Of Her Tour Dates Due To Social Anxiety

summer walker tour cancellation

Anxiety can be debilitating, but seeing the reactions to Summer Walker putting her health first shows us just how little people understand that.

When Summer Walker announced on Instagram that she was canceling some of her tour dates due to her anxiety, the trolls online went in.

Ahh, the “phenomenon” of invisible illnesses… they’re very much real–whether physical or mental–yet if people don’t see it? They don’t believe it.

I guess we didn’t do a good job to show that humans are more complex than, “frowny face equals SAD” past first grade, huh?

Because I honestly thought it was bad when on one of those housewives shows, a lady said another castmate was faking her Lymes disease because she was smiling in her Instagram photos.

But what I’m hearing now? Oh boy, how it unfortunately takes the cake.


summer walker tour cancellation social anxiety


Social Anxiety And Other Invisible Illnesses

When the news dropped that Summer Walker was canceling some tour dates, and it was her social anxiety that made her step back, a lot of people appreciated her putting her health first for that reason.

She didn’t have to have a heart attack.

And she didn’t need to fall ill and be rushed to a hospital to “prove” she needed to step away…

She just knew her body and the anxiety she suffers from, and took action to take care of herself so she can continue putting in work to her full capacity.

And whether or not everything from her claiming she doesn’t hug people because she’s an extreme empath, to this social-anxiety tour cancelation is indeed true is not the point of this article.

When Your Own Irritants Are Also Your Issue (OOP!)

Believe it or not, people who are “irritated” about something someone else does, is usually just a mirroring an issue they have within themselves.

In this case, I’m referring to Wendy Williams’ ignorant comments about Summer Walker’s tour cancellation.

I, personally, feel that this is the case for Wendy Williams and her transformation after her roller coaster of a marriage. She truly went from seemingly miserable (and literally blacking-out during her show), to a happy and healthier person post-divorce.

She should understand some form of the struggle of going through turmoil in the spotlight as well as anyone else.

Yet she’s still out here essentially telling Megan Markle to “suck it up” when she is vulnerably telling the public that she’s “not okay” post-baby.

Or in this case? Wendy Williams admits to not knowing what social anxiety even is! And yet she turns the topic to herself talking about how she’s never experienced anything like that… and look at her!

See Also

(What does that have to do with someone else’s experience???)

And then she goes on to ask if a person with social anxiety would wear something “like this” (aka something revealing)?


But what do we expect? Wendy literally said she didn’t know what social anxiety even was…

In any case, why are women’s vulnerabilities now becoming a huge problem for Wendy Williams? Maybe it’s something she needs to work on within herself.


The Others And Their Talk About The Summer Walker Tour

Wendy Williams is just a visible troll, but there were plenty of other comments about Summer Walker canceling her tour. I’ve seen people call her too weak for this industry. Or how “she better sing about it and get over it.”

Why is it almost 2020 and people are still so insensitive to mental illnesses and the like? It’s crazy to me. But one good thing about our era is that there are TONS of mental health apps available nowadays.

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