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Take A Break From Kingdom Hearts 3 To See Which Keyblade Master You Are!

Take A Break From Kingdom Hearts 3 To See Which Keyblade Master You Are!

Taking a break from the wonder that is Kingdom Hearts 3? Take this quiz to see where you fall on the prestigious list of Keyblade Masters.


Which song would you rather listen to?

Square Enix

Which Keyblade is the best option?

KH3 trailer spot

Which Disney sidekick is the best companion?

KH3 trailer screenshot

Who is the best Kingdom Hearts villain?

KH trailer screenshot

Be honest: how many KH games have you played?

Square Enix album art

Take a Break From Kingdom Hearts 3 to see Which Keyblade Master You Are!
You are Kairi!

Just like Kairi trained hard to master the keyblade after her ordeal, you too rise up against all adversity. Charming, thoughtful and kind, you truly are a light in the darkness.
You are Sora!

Welcome, hero and master of the keyblade. Your sometimes childish nature disguises your heart of gold. Your unshakable faith leads you to greatness. You know that Kingdom Hearts is light!
You are Riku!

The light is always most brilliant in the darkness, and you know that better than anyone else. Keep looking forward and working toward a bright future. Only those who know darkness can hope to defeat it!
You are Aqua!

Mysterious and adept, your secrets are hidden from all but a chosen few. You protect your allies and your enemies should beware. Wield your Keyblade against the darkness!
You are King Mickey!

Selfless and kind, you put others before yourself- sometimes in a way that leaves you without support. Although it seems like you have all the answers, uncertain futures might make you hesitate. Don't be afraid to go out on a limb and rely on those closest to you!

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