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Take This Quiz To Figure Out What Last Minute Christmas Gift You Need To Buy!

Take This Quiz To Figure Out What Last Minute Christmas Gift You Need To Buy!

You're scrolling through social media. What are you most likely to see from your giftee?

What word best describes your giftee?

This person is most likely to give what kind of present themselves?

You are having an event and invite this person. What is likely to be their response?

If you asked your giftee what they wanted, they would...

Take this quiz to figure out what last minute Christmas gift you need to buy!
Tabasco Dark Chocolate Wedges

Dark rich chocolate combines with spicy peppers for a fun flavor profile that;s sure to please any foodie. This unusual gift comes in a reusable tin and is, according to Chris Dixon at Veganoo Reviews, a vegan product. Available on Amazon.
Wrapables Sushi Design Washi Tape

The cute design and versatility of this washi tape makes it a perfect gift for anyone looking to keep organized in a journal or planner in 2019. Other designs include adorable dinosaur and kitty prints. Available on Amazon.
One-for-All Wallet Power Card

An ultra slim power bank small enough to fit inside a wallet. It runs with nearly any digital device, including IPhone lightning adapters. The perfect gift for a technophile on the go. Available on Amazon.
Cole & Mason Fresh Herb Keeper

This neatly designed container keeps fresh herbs for up to ten days longer, a perfect gift for anyone looking to cook more often in the upcoming year. The neatly sectional design allows for easy access and water level monitoring. Available on Amazon.
QIAYA Rechargeable Selfie Light Ring

This portable light source has three different settings, ensuring Instagram-worthy selfies every time. Pocket-sized and rechargeable via USB cord, it's a perfect no-fuss accessory for anyone with a busy lifestyle.

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