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Take This Quiz To Find Out What You Need In Your Free Spirit Starter Pack!

Take This Quiz To Find Out What You Need In Your Free Spirit Starter Pack!

2019 is the perfect time to let your free spirit flag fly! Take this quiz to see what you need to kickstart your journey!


What's your astrological affinity?

Socially, you are best described as...

Which scent most appeals to you?

What best describes your style?

What would you like to do most in 2019?

Take this quiz to find out what you need in your free spirit starter pack!
Himalayan Salt Lamp

Breathe easy as you begin your journey into 2019 with a Himalayan salt lamp. The salt helps to purify the air and provide you with positive energy while soothing your eyes with its warm amber glow. The Levoit salt lamp (pictured here) is a best seller on Amazon, available with Prime two-day shipping.
Clear Quartz Pendant

Your new year looks to be a busy one that sees you navigating the waters of some perilous social situations. Keep calm and focused with a simple yet stylish quartz pendant- a little healing to help against any possible negative energy out there in the world. This Jadenova model is available on Amazon with Prime shipping.
Colorful Tapestry

Tranquility should guide you into 2019, and that includes having a safe space to retire and recharge. Tapestries not only brighten the decor but also help set the mood for yourself in a precious place. try a soothing blue like the Japanese woodcut print above to lull yourself into a restful state of mind before bed. Available on Amazon with Prime shipping.
Aromatherapy Diffuser

It's important for you to be prepared for an unpredictable year, and what better way to face 2019 than with a fresh set of essential oils? Whether this attractive OliveTech diffuser lives at home or in the office, the scents and soothing light will help set the mood your most desire. Available on Amazon with Prime shipping.
Windowsill Garden

New year, new life- in this case, plant life! Use 2019 as the time that you finally work on that green thumb and set up a windowsill garden. Whether you're using it for herbs for a more environmentally friendly (dare I say- vegan?) lifestyle, or for something simple like a succulent, this will be a comforting addition to your home. Available on Amazon with Prime shipping.

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