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Ten Horror Manga That Will Scare The S#!t Out of You— And Popular Apps To Read Them

Ten Horror Manga That Will Scare The S#!t Out of You— And Popular Apps To Read Them

October is here and we’re basking in horror, so here’s a list for you manga readers who are always put on the back burner for those damn anime watchers!

Anime watchers don’t be mad, check out some new titles within the last year: YamishibaiJunji Ito, Devil’s LineTenrou: Sirius the Jaeger, B: The Beginning, and Devilman: Crybaby (2017) Now about that manga list!

Side note: This list is in no particular order but our horror guru, Victoria Snowden, picked the top must reads.

Tokyo Ghoul 

Follows the tragic tale of how a normal college kid has his world flipped when an accident causes him to be reborn as a Ghoul, a man eating creature with a secret society in the shadows of our world.



A young Japanese brain surgeon travelling abroad goes against the questionable morality of a hospital and saves twin children. He must now face his decision when he inadvertently saves the life of a psychopathic serial killer.


Uzumaki is about a fictional city plagued by curses involving spirals. The main character endures the odd happenings to uncover the mystery of the city.


One night, a flurry of spores blanketed Japan, creating body snatching parasites programmed with one order: feed on humans. But when one of the spores only takes control of a victims hand, the victim must become a protector to defend against the invasion.

Magical Girl Apocalypse (Mahou Shoujo of the End)

A high school student who’s tired of his boring life gets a wish to die for, literally. His ordinary school day becomes a nightmare as his teacher and classmates are murdered by a strange little girl repeatedly chanting the word, “Magical.” Anyone killed by the Magical girl is resurrected and joins her on the killing frenzy, and now, the student must survive a zombie apocalypse.

School-Live! (Gakkou Gurashi!)

Need more zombies? School-Live! brings a refreshing perspective to the zombie apocalypse as you meet members of the student organization, the School Living Club. As the name implies, these members are the sole survivors of an outbreak who continue every day club activities such as, field trips to the shopping mall overrun by zombie hoards.

Higurashi When They Cry

A boy moves to what seems like just a small and boring Japanese village; however, he soon learns about a looming curse haunting the village. The curse is satisfied when someone dies at the annual “Cotton Drifting” festival. It becomes more real when the boy’s friend’s parents and brother disappear.

See Also

The Drifting Classroom (Hyouryuu Kyoushitsu)

Children must survive a deadly plague, monsters, and other dangers as their school was time warped into a future where Earth has been destroyed by environmental disasters.


Tomie is a beautiful woman with a distinctive mole under her left eye and sleek black hair. She can seduce nearly any man with a sinister power, which often leads to jealous rage and acts of violence.

Magical Girl Site (Mahou Shoujo Site)

An unfortunate girl who’s been tormented by her brother and classmates stumbles upon a strange website with an overly creepy person offering her magical powers. However, she’s not the only one that’s been granted power and she must now survive against enemies while uncovering the dark secret behind the website.

Looking for the best manga apps? Say no more. Try Manga Panda, Zingbox, Manga Master, Manga Rock, Manga Storm, Manga Fox, Tachiyomi, Mangago, and Manga Browser.  – Hasan Smith & Trish Phillips, Co-Founders of Urban Anime Lounge 

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