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The Badass Bombshells Of Black Pinup Magazine

The Badass Bombshells Of Black Pinup Magazine

For alternative black models looking for inspiration and representation, this one is for you. I recently spoke with Ms. Candice about her publication: Black Pinup Magazine, to get talk everything pinup!

Tell Me about Black Pinup Magazine. What is your publication all about and what inspired you to create this magazine?

My publication is about the vintage modern pinups who embrace and also live the vintage lifestyle who happen to be women of color. In the publication, there are vintage recipes, classic cars, interviews with the cover models, history on the forgotten pioneers of black history, poetry, and short stories. And in between content there are beautiful 8×11 pictures of black pinups!

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What was the most significant hurdle you faced in starting Black Pinup Magazine?

It would have to be social media, it has changed so much in a few short years. It has limited a lot of posts and the same goes for anyone with a business. The other thing would be money. There are so many things I want to do, but financially it’s been tough.

If you had to choose your favorite era for fashion/glamour what would it be?

It would be the 1950’s. I dabble in different decades occasionally but most of the time I’m a 50’s girl with a touch of rockabilly and early 1960’s. I feel like everything came together fashion and glamour wise in that decade. The cars, especially in the early 1950’s, were a dream. Hollywood movie stars were at their peak in glamour. Technicolor movies showed the beauty of movie stars and glamour like Funny Face, How to Marry a Millionaire, and To Catch a Thief.

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Who are a few of your favorite vintage Black/POC glamour icons?

Dorothy Dandridge is so pretty!!!! If you look at Carmen Jones, Bright Road, and Island in the Sun you can see how stunning she was. I also think Nina Mae McKinney was just a doll she was an actress who paved the way for Lena Horne and Dorothy Dandridge. Madeline “Sahji” Jackson was a stunner when she danced. Sheila Guyse and Helen Williams were beautiful also.

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Who are your favorite current Black/POC pinup models?

Oh my gosh that is so hard! First and foremost Angelique Noire, she was the one that started it all with Black Pinups she was the first modern pinup I saw (and my first cover model because of it). Then there’s Tammi Savoy, Lady Eccentrik, Velvet Jones, Bluegrass Kas, Jasmin of Vintage Vandalism, Miss Sai, Delicious Ruckus, and Rockwell.

What has been your biggest triumph with Black Pinup Magazine thus far?

It would be selling out at Viva Las Vegas! It was my first time vending and I sold out of all the copies I bought plus the ones I bought for myself (9th issue July/August 2015-Black Betty). There were so many people who knew who I was and it was amazing! It was great having my cover models help me sell the copies and meet people it was an amazing experience.

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When was the moment when you knew you loved/admired vintage glamour/fashion?

I would say my love for dressing that way happened in 2004 when I started watching classic movies. And I thought to myself it would be cool to dress like that if I ever did. Fast forward seven years later when I was living in North Hollywood I was surrounded by old Hollywood and studying fashion design and I really started going hardcore with loving that style of dress. And I started dressing vintage two years ago. I have been doing it for every day wear more consistently for the past year.

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What advice would you give to those trying to get into pinup/boudoir/alternative modeling?

Go for it! Study the pinup veterans like Angelique Noire and Jenny Rieu look at the pinup photographers portfolios like Autumn Luciano and Bettina May. Any genre you want to get into, study the field.

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What advice would you give to anyone trying to start a magazine whether online or print? Again, study!

I had no clue how to start a magazine so I googled, YouTubed, looked at magazines and asked my sister (who is a journalist) for help. I also watched The September Issue about Anna Wintour the editor-in-chief of Vogue and watched it religiously as well as Devil Wear Prada because they are both about running a publication. It takes a lot of time, dedication, and work. People will take you seriously when you say you create your own publication and will expect to see the next issue or at least cover for it. If you really want it to do well you have to make sacrifices and fund your magazine. I’m taking a few copies and dropping them off at friend’s stores and shops that I visit and know. It’s free advertising but it cost money to print and some don’t have extra funds to order copies so you have to do it for free. But the exposure will pay off. Know what you’re getting yourself into.

Where can people buy Black Pinups Magazine or donate if they would like? has all the current and past issues. If you click on the cover issue it takes you to and you can buy digital copies of each issue.

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