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6 Iconic Scenes From Spongebob To Commemorate Stephen Hillenburg

6 Iconic Scenes From Spongebob To Commemorate Stephen Hillenburg

“Who lives in a pineapple under the sea?!”


In memoriam of Stephen Hillenburg, we would like to remember our favorite moments of Spongebob. Debuting in 1999, Hillenburg has given us 19 years of our favorite sponge. The show may still be airing, but we would like to remember the good ol’ days.

Stepping on the beach.

Say this anywhere and I guarantee you I will respond.

When Spongebob and the gang were on the Dutchman’s ship.

The yodeling begins.

 Krusty Krab Pizza.

I wanted one of these so bad. But the song is what really carried on. You really had to feel the soul in it.


Anytime we had to sell chocolate bars at school, I always wanted to scream this.


This episode had me hollering. There were too many good moments. Now I draw Doodlebob on everything.

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Band Geeks

Sweeet, sweeet, sweet victory yeah! I’ll just drop this link so you can sing along

Those memories of Spongebob and Krabby Patties were amazing. So amazing that there are too many possible moments to recount from. From Jellyfish Jelly on Krabby Patties to Pretty Patties.

R.I.P In Jellyfish Fields Steven.



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