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The Disrespect Game Of Thrones Has Towards Those Who’ve Been A1 Since Day 1

The Disrespect Game Of Thrones Has Towards Those Who’ve Been A1 Since Day 1

Last night’s episode of Thrones had us all bitter beyond reason.

If you were scrolling social media yesterday, it was discovered that the episode had been leaked hours before the airing. People like myself who like spoilers went into that pit just to see what had everyone upset. At first glance, I was definitely bitter knowing who was going to die. Episode 2 had, for the most part, set up who wasn’t going to survive the series and we were ready for that. But HOW they weren’t going to survive and the treatment they would receive is a whole different story.

Let’s start with Ghost first.

Now Ghost didn’t die, but seeing him in episode 4 showed that at one point during the Battle of Winterfell he was in some trouble. But, this whole season and even a few seasons before it has completely ignored Ghost’s importance to Jon. He was the one direwolf of his litter that looked obviously different than his siblings. This mirrored the way Jon grew up, being reminded his name is Snow as in bastard. When Jon found Ghost among the others, they were perfect for each other.

These two have been through a lot. Ghost is ALWAYS ready to jump into danger to protect Jon. He’s even warmed up to Sam and protected him when needed. When Jon and Ghost got reunited after his time with the Wildlings, we all rejoiced knowing they were together again. When Jon was killed, Ghost parked himself near Jon’s body at all times. But slowly as the seasons have moved on, Ghost has faded into the background. There was a time when even despite Jon’s absence we would still see Ghost and all his glory walking about Winterfell. In season 7 he barely got a shout-out and we all missed him dearly. Now, Jon treats Ghost like what my father refers to as “a second class citizen.”

This could definitely be the fault of the Game of Thrones team. Even at the beginning of this season it was evident how lazy the plot and certain special effects were presented. Ghost is noticeably smaller than he usually is, and suddenly treated like he’s not there half the time. Jon basically replaced him with Rhaegal (RIP) once he found out he could ride a dragon. Ghost was at the front lines in the Battle of Winterfell, which realistically would NEVER happen unless Jon was right there with him. Fans everywhere had concerns whether he made it out alive, and although we see he has, Jon basically gave him away. He told Tormund to take Ghost with him and didn’t even give this poor whining good boy a head pat as he left. Ghost deserves so much better for his years of loyalty to ye who knows nothing.

Speaking of Rhaegal earlier….

Rhaegal was there, and then he wasn’t. We knew something was up when Jon said he wasn’t going to ride him. But, they really had him shot out of the sky out of nowhere. This is the same dragon that should’ve stayed back to heal a bit more after fighting his own undead brother an episode prior. Mind you, Viserion and Rhaegal have been close since the minute Daenarys decided Drogon was her favorite. She even locked both of them up when Drogon was the dragon child acting out. These two dragons were loyal to her even after some trouble during the “thanks for stunting my growth in this cell” season. Rhaegal mourned at Viserion’s death, but kept moving forward and even had that bond with Jon. All this just for Euron’s annoying ass to shoot him a bunch of times after a hard night’s work at fighting his brother and an undead army. The disrespect is real.

Now, onto our home girl Missandei of Naath.

Game of Thrones doesn’t like Black people and it’s painfully obvious. The only times they’re shown are for slavery purposes or dying for Daenerys’ cause. Missandei came to us forever loyal to Daenerys. She has been nothing but the sweetest soul to grace us with her multilingual abilities. Every time someone spoke against Daenerys, Missandei was there to shut them up and calmly tell them off. And along the way, she found love among some of the best of men.

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All just to be put back into chains and killed.

There was seriously no reason for Missandei to go out the way she did. We knew either her or Greyworm or both of them were going to die after having that whole heart to heart about going back to Naath. We know Game of Thrones never lets us have nice things, but this was a low blow. Not only did Cersei capture her, but she put our girl in chains and reduced her into someone so insignificant. Missandei has come a long way from where she first started as a slave, and to basically kill her like one just to push Daenerys over the edge was a slap in the face. It would’ve been better if she just jumped, taking that power away from Cersei and still hitting her with a “Dracarys” as she fell to the ground. But no. We had to watch her murder and Greyworm’s agony. She was a real one to the end, but deserved way better than she was given in the end.

Of course the series did other characters dirty, but the treatment of these three in this latest episode were beyond ridiculous. After this, many fans are too upset to even try pushing forward and seeing this to the end.

All we know is that now, especially after Missandei’s death, we want to burn it all just as she said.


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