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3 Reasons Why Jimin (BTS) Should Play Prince Eric In The Little Mermaid

3 Reasons Why Jimin (BTS) Should Play Prince Eric In The Little Mermaid

We need another Asian prince. Disney hasn’t had a live-action Asian prince since 1997.

Twenty-two years ago, Paolo Montalban, who is Filipino-American, played Prince Charming alongside a Black Cinderella (Brandy). Disney is long overdue for another Black princess and Asian prince lineup. They already have one half of the equation set with Halle Bailey as The Little Mermaid. This is the perfect opportunity for Disney to make the right choice, especially after recent news that Harry Styles has turned down the role. Hey Disney, BTS ARMY has a suggestion – Park Jimin.

Here are three reasons why ARMY might be on to something:

He is capable of speaking in English

Although Jimin is not the resident English speaker of BTS, he is still very capable. There are several videos online showing his ability to memorize English phrases and use them appropriately. Considering Prince Eric doesn’t have too many lines in the original 1989 version, this should be a doable task for Jimin.

park jimin prince eric the little mermaid

He already looks like royalty

Dark-haired Jimin already looks like royalty. From his flawless skin to his defined jawline, he has a prince-like appearance and demeanor. Just by watching one of his fan cams you can tell he knows how to carry himself in a poised yet memorizing way.

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He has the vocals

Jimin’s position in BTS is lead vocalist and main dancer. There have been talks that the live-action adaptation of the Little Mermaid will have more singing in it, especially with Halle Bailey as a lead. So even though in the original animated movie Prince Eric didn’t sing, that could change. Not to mention, if Disney decides to make this a musical then Jimin continues to be a great choice.

Disney, we think we’ve made ourselves clear. You know what to do.

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