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The Long Running Television Shows That Probably Should Have Ended By Now

The Long Running Television Shows That Probably Should Have Ended By Now

A lot of shows out right now have long passed their expiration dates and have become forced, phony and predictable. We love them, but we have to let them go.

Television already lacks diversity in the types of stories being told. So when a show approaching 10+ seasons is beating a dead horse it’s time to move on. Losing main characters due to actor boredom or turmoil off-set and knowing episode format by heart sucks the charm out of what used to be a great story. Popularity non-withstanding, these are the television shows that really need to just put it to bed.

1. Grey’s Anatomy

Who out there is watching fifteen seasons of a hospital show that’s only a hairs breath above being a soap opera? I see you with your carton of ice-cream and your broken heart. I may only be assuming who the viewing crowd is for this show brimming in heartbreak, scandal and girl power, but I’m sure I’m not far off. There isn’t a soap opera trope this show hasn’t already tackled (2 or 3 times over). Let’s be real, it belongs in the post break-up re-run pile.

2. Supernatural

While I enjoy watching the Winchesters make poor choices; putting the world in danger and eloquently dragging the hell out of religion, there is such a thing as too much of something good. The boys have been at the game of clumsily causing and barely handling supernatural shit-storms since 2005. Here we are thirteen years and fourteen seasons later doing the same crap. I’m gonna hate to see them go as much as the next Winchester stan, but there are only so many plot-less seasons and angel chasing a girl can sit through.

3. Criminal Minds

With the exit of Shemar Moore this show should have just boxed everything up. But truth be told the series passed its opportunity for a solid ending well before he moved on. We get it, there will always be killers, rapists and kidnappers; but does Criminal Minds plan on airing forever to prove the point?! Watching the team use some truly interesting techniques to stop the bad guy was fun and made us feel smart. Now it’s a snooze and the episodes are starting to run together. Wait…didn’t we just stop this exact crime last season? (What is this show even about without Thomas Gibson as Hotch?)


NCIS: Los Angeles should have never been a thing. Period. Be mad. Stay mad. Kate deserved better. The show should have ended before Ziva’s past came back to haunt her (and in such a sloppy way too). NCIS is a show that does a lot of things well and scarily enough killing off beloved characters is one of them. There are only so many gut wrenching deaths (and character departures) one can sit through over the course of sixteen seasons. And with the departure of Pauley Parrette, NCIS just isn’t NCIS anymore.

5. Law & Order: Special Victims Unit

Sorry ma! But the words….I just don’t have them. Like…why…why is this show still a thing? Anything that started airing in 1999 probably should have ended around 2005; 2010 to be generous. We all only really tune in to watch Ice T be our favorite excessive force dependent cop. With the loss of the partnership that headlined the show (due to contract issues with Christopher Meloni) we’re just watching an angry and bitter woman in Mariska Hargity’s character become less and less of a cop we can support wholeheartedly.

6. It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia

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I just so happen to really hate sitcoms with the burning passion of a thousand suns. And It’s Always Sunny is at the top of the trash pile. It’s popularity isn’t too much of a shocker since tasteless and low brow humor seems to always go over well with the masses. Thirteen seasons down the road and there has yet to be any sort of lesson besides the Season 7 realization that all the characters are horrible; but still they make no effort to be better. Just cancel this trash already. And no, DeVito does not save the show for me. (It’s like a live action Family Guy but not actually funny)

7. The Big Bang Theory (Honorable Mention)

I can admit to finding a few episodes of this show entertaining and even giggle worthy in it’s first season. Even with my burning hatred for sitcoms… But this honorable mention show should have ended long before it’s announced ending after it’s twelfth season. The “nerds are people too” trope was played out after season one, especially since the writers used completely dated nerd stereotypes to tell their story. Let’s have a round of applause for whoever made the brave decision to end our suffering.

8. The Walking Dead (Honorable Mention)

Creating a television show around a comic series that hasn’t ended yet is tricky. The Walking Dead had a clear and powerful start, quickly rocketing to be one of the most popular television shows in recent years. A zombie apocalypse tale that doesn’t forget to make the story about the people who are still alive. But as the show drags on it’s losing focus, pace and direction. With rumors swirling of even more actor departures than we’ve seen already, how much longer can the show keep going when it’s source material doesn’t even know what’s next?

Which long running shows (love or hate them) do you think need to call it a wrap? Do you think you have a good argument for why a show on the list should keep going? Let us know!

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