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The Problem With A ‘Free Thinker’ Like Kanye

The Problem With A ‘Free Thinker’ Like Kanye

If you haven’t heard, Kanye West has been in the headlines again. Saying outrageous things yet again.

This isn’t anything out of the ordinary from him, he usually says some crazy things every time he opens his mouth. This time around people are not giving him a pass.

Kanye supports Donald Trump. This was nothing new, he was saying this back when Trump was running for president. It doesn’t get anymore realer than taking a picture with the slogan of Trump’s campaign “Make America Great Again.”

Tweeted straight from the man himself, Kanye has not only been gracing the timelines of his fans but also doing interviews. He posted a nearly 2 hour interview he did with Breakfast Club host Charlamagne Tha God. It was a interview where I felt it just reinforced the ignorance that Kanye has been showing.

Then on TMZ live Kanye was doing a interview and then this happened.

“Slavery sounds like a choice.” Yeah ok Kanye.

My main issue behind all this Kanye hoopla is with him saying he’s a free thinker. The problem is that, everybody is a free thinker. There are no restrictions upon your thoughts or thought process. So the idea behind this free thinking in Kanye eyes is false. All he is doing is stating an opinion that he has, which is unpopular, and doesn’t like that it’s being criticized.

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Now it’s easy to say in today’s world that slavery sounds like a choice. We are brought up in a world where we experience a different way of living. With the numerous ways we have been educated on life itself and what that encompasses, you can sure say that.

We live in a different condition than our ancestors, where people aren’t treated like livestock, sold to other humans, beaten physically, and worn out mentally and emotionally. It’s very disrespectful to say slavery was a choice.

Kanye is not trying to start a conversation with his brash statements like some people think he’s trying to do. He is just generating publicity for his albums that are coming out soon and it’s been working so far, free thinking tactics right?

Bottom line, if Kanye wants to state his opinion he has every right, but he doesn’t need to ‘start’ a conversation when he’s only going to slip back into the shadows until his next outburst.


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