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The Ridiculousness And Charm Of Assassination Classroom (Anime Review)

The Ridiculousness And Charm Of Assassination Classroom (Anime Review)

How would you react if government agents approached your classroom hiring you to kill an alien?

You’d probably go completely blank or assume they were on drugs. These are the reactions of Class 3-E when asked just that. Part of the moon is blown up and the only way to prevent the destruction of the Earth is to kill the one responsible.

Sounds simple right? Of course not.

Asking junior high students to kill an alien out of the blue is one thing. This brings an onslaught of questions as to why the government seems so useless they have to turn to a bunch of early teens. However, this is the plan of the alien they eventually deem Koro-sensei or “unkillable teacher.” A big tentacle yellow blob monster, Koro-sensei requests that this specific class be the ones to kill him and during that time he will serve as their teacher. This involves both regular school lessons and assassination.

When thinking of school anime, this is far from the typical kind. The basic premise is beyond absurd and almost every student is a main character. That’s over 20 people/names to keep track of! However, as the story unravels it begins to go deeper than that. The school refers to 3-E as the “end class.” They have the lowest grades and worse supposed disciplinary problems. The principal uses them as a public example of what not to do because they won’t go anywhere in life. The school displays a specific political structure, with A class bullies on top and the E class on bottom.

Imagine the self-esteem these students have. They live in a cycle of others telling them they’ll never be good enough and are too stupid to achieve. Attempting to move up in the school and have goals seems like faded dream. But, Koro-sensei’s antics slowly begin to strengthen not only their assassination skills, but also their confidence.

This show plays on the underdog trope. The class is given certain trials such as exams that show whether they can really achieve what they work hard for. Along the way are plenty of obstacles, from the principal to other hired assassins wanting the reward for Koro-sensei’s life. Additionally, each student has their time to shine with explanation of their background and their own skills in assassination. Koro-sensei enjoys their attempts, even correcting them if they try stabbing him mid-lesson.

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It’s a fairly easy anime to binge. With only 2 seasons being less than 50 episodes total, the crazy antics and other anime references will keep you entertained. Heavily suggest watching it subbed. I’ve watched it in both versions and subbed covers the severity of the situation better without making the character appear as if everything’s a joke.

But even with all the laughs and over the top scenes, the show is not exempt from the feels. I suggest you have a box of tissues ready at the end.

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