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The Silver Scream – How Home Alone will give you a Christmas Fright!

The Silver Scream – How Home Alone will give you a Christmas Fright!

It’s Christmas time again, and we know what that means! Disney’s 25 days of Christmas programming, Mariah Carey music all day, and tree decorations.

Its time to get in the festive spirit and that includes spending some, well…( ALOT) of quality time in front of the TV! I for one am a huge fan of any fright in December, and that’s why this Silver Scream will be looking at the movie Home Alone (the first one) and how it keeps has all the trimming to set your Christmas holiday for a sure scare!


    Its All in the Family

To begin with,  Kevin McCallister’s family can scare anyone during the holidays, and I do mean anyone! As they begin to prepare for Christmas Kevin is ruthlessly teased and taunted by his family. Now  we all may have a family member that can get our feathers ruffled, but let someone barf up your pizza and you’d be ready to commit murder to. The point is that Home Alone does a great job of dissecting the atrocities in a family dynamic from the way they can push us to our limits, make us questions our morality, and in Kevin’s place wish they disappear. Just imagine you having to spend your holiday with a family like Kevin’s, and if that doesn’t send a shiver down your spin I don’t know what will!

                    A Scary Old Man

Christmas is all about following golden rules and one of them is you can’t judge a book by its cover! However, a next door neighbor like old man Marley might make you question that. He lurks around with a shovel, shows up at the most random time, and lest we not forget about the whole ‘murdering his entire family’ business. These tropes have been used regularly within the horror genre but Home Alone was able to successfully bring it to the Christmas genre with a comedic and human twist. Still, if it was a dark and stormy night I still may not want to see Old Man Marley coming, (unless he was saving me from robbers!)

Robbers and Bobbers

Unfortunately, this is a true horror that people experience during the holidays. I don’t want to think about fending off my house from robbers now, much less, being a kid and having to do it.  But, while we take to all sort of crazy measures to ensure our homes don’t get burgled during the holidays Kevin kicks it up a notch, and this is what makes Home Alone such a classic.


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Think about what you have in your house that could be just as dangerous and crafty to get rid of unwanted vermin. When the Wet Bandits do get a hold of Kevin your sure he’s a goner which makes you think twice about dealing with a pair of brigand such as Harry and Marv. Whether its setting up fun boopy traps, or hoping your said creepy neighbor makes a perfect timing appearance with a shovel…the thought of prepping against robbers during the holidays can make anyone lose sleep at night!

Home Alone is definitely a Christmas classic as it should be, but to me it also has the perfect surrounding for for a good ol’ fashion scary movie. You may feel like its a bit of stretch but when you think about a young kid, at home, and at the mercy of those  around him there isn’t much jolly about it!

So when you gather around your family on these holidays keep an eye out for those Wet Bandits who maybe knocking on your back door!


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