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The Silver Scream: Why the SCREAM Horror Franchise Works

The Silver Scream: Why the SCREAM Horror Franchise Works

Happy Halloween my lovelies! Today is one of the greatest days of the year, and I am sure all of us are brimming with excitement on the Spooktacular day!

I know we all have a favorite Halloween tradition, going to Haunts, attending  parties, and watching movies. There’s so many ways to program your Halloween movie selects, but no Halloween film fest is complete without the Scream franchise binge. That’s why I’m kicking off the Silver Scream series with SCREAM film itself! We’ll analyze some clips within the franchise that best showcase why it keeps ‘stabbing’ its way into our hearts.


To begin with the story behind Scream is unique within the horror genre, with each killer being more dynamic than the last. Sidney Prescott’s mother is the catalyst behind these attacks as her one decision unraveled the town of Woodsboro. Its this plot point that has allowed the multitude of Scream killers to come back again, and has changed the symbolic force of the mother within the horror genre.


 In most horror movies the mother is a symbol of love, safety, and a confident who is tasked with finding out why her family is being ripped apart by whatever horrific thing is coming after them. Its interesting to see the tables turned as we can see in the clip mother share the reigning force behind the innocent bloodshed in Woodsboro Its pretty clever to see this mother motif being used right up until Scream 4 and what’s more, we’ve been able to see the impact its had on several other successful horror films i.e. Mama, The Conjuring, Hereditary, and the list continues! As this is the Scream model its believable, and they can continue on with this well into Scream 5 if they wanted too.


Another reason I love the Scream franchise is its ode to horror films, and its clever way of making fun of itself. The writers were more craftier with this in films 1-3 by weaving their horror tips into their crafty murders, and selecting their victims based off it. But, with the opening of the fourth film there are no holds barred as they are clearly making fun of the post-modern horror era we pretty much all live in today. Its hard to find a horror film that isn’t a reboot,or an installment in a franchise that just adds more blood and gore and no real tact to the story.


Scream 4 falls within these same parameters, but to be fair its also the tone they set for their film early on, relying on the ‘stabbings’ to propel the story forward much less than the dialogue. The line ‘What’s your Favorite Scary Movie’ is a great way to reveal bits of trivia, playing with the horror genre scare tropes, and can be tailored to each victim. Again, its something unique to Scream that keeps us coming back to see more!


That’s right, even, YOU, can be behind the mask although for the sake of your loved ones I sincerely hope not. Any horror film that features a masked killer is setting themselves up for franchise gold – think Halloween, Friday the 13th, and so many more. It also doesn’t have any pre reqs for the killer at all, meaning no resurrecting every 27 years, having to be summoned, or be buried in a house. To be honest the Scream killers have been pretty silly, literally fumbling with the knives in their hands, and have been pretty easy to overcome (not for every victim) clearly. They are humans, with a thirst for revenge, a blade, and knack for horror movies, and that is what makes them scarier than any demon infused horror film.


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Of course, the only thing problematic about slasher films are that there tends to be an overwhelming amount of female victims.


Leave it to Scream 4 to finally allow a woman to take the reigns, and I have to say I appreciate that. It isn’t a perfect solution as no violence against a woman should be tolerated, but it is also a way to put the reigns (or the knife) inside a woman’s hands. With that being said if you plan on spending your night tonight indoors and watching movies you can’t go wrong with Scream.

Grab some friends, let those cheesy lines, and frantic frights round out the end of your month! Just remember to never say…


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