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The Soundtrack You Never Knew You Needed For The Battle Of Winterfell

The Soundtrack You Never Knew You Needed For The Battle Of Winterfell

It’s been a very emotional weekend to say the least.

Avengers: Endgame premiered to give us three hours of feels. If that wasn’t enough, Game of Thrones fans were in for a wild night Sunday. “The Long Night” was a whooping 82 minutes long, the longest episode in Game of Thrones history. It also happened to contain one of the longest fight scenes, even longer than Helm’s Deep in Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers. Fans were on the edge of their seats, possibly in a literal sense, as the episode was displayed to be very dark. This was purposeful, as we were meant to watch the episode with the lights off and really feel part of the battle.

And boy was it a stressful battle.

“A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms” had us watching all our favorite characters and thinking “Welp, they’re dying next week.” And as we watched “The Long Night” unfold we assumed the worst for our beloved characters. Even though this was a pivotal moment in the series, there were many scenes I couldn’t help getting distracted once in awhile and thinking, “This song would go great with this!” Granted, Game of Thrones uses great instrumentals and truly utilized that during the last portion of the battle. However, there were even current songs we know and love that would’ve fit perfectly within the episode.

That being said, here are some songs that work for our own “The Long Night” soundtrack.

Bodies by Drowning Pool

I mean, it’s safe to say this song works for almost all of Game of Thrones. But, I personally had this playing in my head when the Dothraki went charging into the dark abyss just for their flaming weapons to be snuffed out. From then to when the wights suddenly came running at the armies in the dark, there were just bodies left and right.

Headstrong by Trapt

This song can apply to a lot of moments. We could talk about how Jon really attempted to square up with Wight Viserion. We could mention Theon dashing towards the Night King because at that point he was gonna die either way. Or, we can talk about the our favorite little bear, Lyanna Mormont. That wight giant bust through the door and side swiped her without flinching. When she finally got back on her feet and saw her people were in trouble, she did what we all knew she’d do but wished she hadn’t. She lunged at that giant to take him on. We knew it’d end badly. A 12-year-old, badass or not, wasn’t going to survive a zombie giant. But, our girl held on as long as she could and took him down with her. We forever stan Lyanna Mormont. RIP girl.

Formation by Beyonce

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The Night King’s White Walkers meant BUSINESS. They lined up with their spears at the ready. They held it down while the Night King, as usual, waited in the shadows for the perfect moment of attack. They knew what to do from the start, and let everyone know they weren’t gonna go down easily.

Gangsta’s Paradise by Coolio

The Night King and his White Walkers were making a whole ass scene as they came up looking for Bran. Having left Jon to fight all the now created wights, they moved on their merry old way knowing exactly where Bran would be and took time doing so. The scene moved in slow motion, as this was now moving towards the climax of the episode and the final stand. The Night King knows he’s THAT zombie.

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