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The Usual Rangers Are Unusually Talented!

The Usual Rangers Are Unusually Talented!

A cosplaying group of adults with attitude, humility and power!

If The Usual Rangers are not on your radar, what are you even doing with your life? From humble beginnings as a group of friends brought together by different circumstances, they have become some prominent names in the cosplay community. All of them are talented, all of them are focused and all of them have a distinct love for the Power Rangers.

I came across this crew at BlerdCon 2017. I was alone, had no idea where to go but came across a room of people in original Ninjetti costumes. My heart nearly exploded. There they were, this group of amazing individuals waving at me to enter the room and my inner child was screaming. As a result of their friendly demeanor and hitting my favorite fandom, I ran in. From there a friendship was born.

Andre Johnson Photography

But this article isn’t about how much I love them, it’s about why you should too!

The Usual Rangers have recently been seen gracing the Instagram feeds of Lupita Nyong’o and Winston C. Duke, two stars of the box office shattering movie Black Panther. As of this moment they are preparing to appear at the Premier Screening of Avengers Infinity War in their hometown. Talk about “Con Crunch,” amiright?

If that were not enough to hook someone, they have also been on the cover of Washington Post Magazine! If you are really not convinced of their mighty power yet, most notably, they have spent time touring cons and schools to meet with some of their younger fans. Are they the heroes we need? After you read this interview, let us know down in the comments!

NW: 1. How did the Usual Rangers come to be?

UR: The rangers are simply a group of friends that just so happened to have one love in common, POWER RANGERS! The White and Black Rangers were brothers, who played Power Rangers with their sisters when they were younger. Carrying that love, the White Ranger went to Savannah State University where he met his current girlfriend. They discussed their love of Marvel characters, video games, Anime and eventually it came out that she played with her sister as well. Her sister being pink, and herself, Yellow!

The Blue Ranger came along one day when the Yellow Ranger was building up her modeling portfolio. Left without a photographer, she, at the last minute, messaged a photographer through Model Mayhem. The photographer agreed, and the photoshoot went GREAT! Then, at a later meeting trading photos, the Yellow Ranger mentioned that she was apart of a team of cosplayers called the UsualRangers5. It was then that the photographer casually mentioned that he loved the Blue Ranger as a child.
The Black Ranger moved to Savannah and not only moved in with the White and Yellow Ranger, but he joined a local basketball team where, at any given chance, he made sure to strut his Ninjetti. It was at an away game on Halloween that one of his teammates saw his suit for the first time. Needless to say the teammate showed his excitement. About a month later, a message appeared on the UsualRangers5 instagram page from the teammate. Stating that he was down to be any ranger, but he was the Red ranger when playing with is younger brother.
The pinkest girl in the southeast, Kayce Mauldin was Power Ranger-ing, for a long time before the UsualRangers5 joined forces in Savannah. The initial group met her at the Rangers’ first group outing to Dragon Con in 2015! Their conversation wasn’t long, but it only took a few messenger conversations to get her on board!
Long story short, every member of the UsualRangers5 genuinely loves their color and comes together to make the team better with every new cosplay.  

NW: How would you describe your cosplay journey thus far? You have all done amazingly as the OG rangers and, most recently, the Black Panther crew. How does all feel now compared to before?

UR: Slimy yet satisfying? The UsualRangers have had some amazing accomplishments. From being on the cover of the Washington Post Magazine, to having Winston C Duke and Lupita Nyang’o share our Black Panther cosplay, we’ve had plenty of ups! That pretty much covers the satisfying part.
But the slimy part is what people don’t see. We have a bad habit of not recording ourselves working or simply boasting (as much as we should) about making our costumes. You could honestly say we’re humble to a fault. We believe in hard work, accuracy and attention to detail when it comes to our costumes. We work hard just as much as everyone sees us playing. Everyone pitches in as much as they can to make our group a success.
What started out as a group of friends doing something they all loved is now turning into something that we could all do for the rest of our lives! We’re excited for whatever else comes our way!

NW: What are your goals for this year?

UR: WE WANT TO GO TO NEW YORK COMIC CON! We’ve started traveling more as cosplay guests and its super fun! But we aren’t quite big enough yet to be invited to a con as big as NYCC. We would LOVE to make a group trip to New York to not only finally see the city but take part in just a huge Geek Oasis.

NW: What is something you wish people knew about The Usual Rangers 5? 

UR: That we’re just a group of friends that love what we do. We aren’t any different from most cosplayers out there. WE have our values and our rules that we apply to ourselves, but those don’t stop us from meeting new people and having a wonderful time!

NW: What are some of your individual interests?

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Jerry Pringle (White Ranger): Avid Tekken, Naruto Clash of Ninja, Smash Bros and Pokemon game player.
Cree Michelle Rogers (Yellow Ranger: Professional Actress, model, and Anime nut
Andre L Johnson (Blue Ranger): Professional Photographer and new actor.
Aaron Pringle (Black Ranger): Personal Trainer, amazing at Basketball and bowling for some reason, and professional Krumper
Chris Housey (Red Ranger): Basketball and football player, great at accents
Kayce Mauldin (Pink Ranger): Super Sentai freak, pink hoarder, and gymnast

NW: What is your dream con to attend?

UR: Any con in California would be amazing. Our goal is to eventually meet all of the Rangers AND take a picture in front of the Command Center!
Andre Johnson Photography

NW: As Quirky cosplayers, what would you like to tell our quirky readers?

UR: We only look mean on the outside and only the Black Ranger bites! If you see us at a convention don’t be afraid to come say hi or hang out! We don’t mind giving cosplay advice or helping out in cosplay emergencies!

Well there you have it! If you are not following these awesome cosplayers on their journey, please take the time to do so (Facebook and Instagram)!


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