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The Wicked Wings Behind Black Canary

The Wicked Wings Behind Black Canary

      There has been some rallying battle cries in our hay day but none has a stronger effect than that of Black Canary!

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     Dinah Drake has certainly come full circle since her inception as she was one of the first super heroines since 1947 (her only predecessor  Wonder Woman in 1942)!  She has an amazing backstory that propels her forward to new heights and kick ass fights! Black Canary is one of the many DC women to strengthen the backbone of the brand, and her character will continue to usher them into the new age of now! Lets delve into the gorgeous blonde hair black bird herself – Black Canary:

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Facts / Her Origin #1: Dinah Drake a.k.a. (1st) Black Canary…

     Dinah Drake was originally made to be a supporting character in the Johnny Thunder comics (who shortly after she debuted became a sensation and Johnny Thunder went bye bye) and she used her sexuality to infiltrate crime rings and break them up from the inside. Her creators drew her as the ideal woman “strong in character and sexy in form”. Dinah Drake gives birth to Dinah Laurel Lance – the current Black Canary fans know and love! Discouraged from her mother from following in her footsteps, Dinah Laurel trains secretly with Wildcat (a former JSA member) to hone her skills and fighting and within the year Dinah Laurel dons the Black Canary costume and its showtime!

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Facts / Her Power #2: The Sonic Cry

      Due to being trained by top tier heroes it is no surprise that Black Canary is skilled in hand to hand combat as well as several other high intensity (and rare) fighting skills. But we’ll speak about the only thing that matters here and that’s her super sonic canary cry! It is said to have an impact ten-fold than other sonic weapons, and can do severe damage to any object in its path (no seriously it scared off a T-Rex! 

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   How the Canary cry came to be Dinah quite a dicey history. It was originally a magical sense in which Dinah was cursed by a Wizard but currently it is known she was born with it. During a fight with Amazo Black Canary uses the canary cry to blow his head clean off, and in the New52 her cry is so forceful that she can essentially use it to fly! 

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     As Canary has enough fighting skills in her arsenal that she only uses the Canary cry when absolutely necessary. But, if there was ever a superpower to have you can’t go wrong with the canary cry!

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Fact / Her All-Star Group #3:  Birds of Prey 

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      As Birds of Prey the live action film is in full swing its amazing to learn how this iconic group came to be. In the first rendition of the group Barbara Gordon, later known as Oracle, is almost fatally injured. After her survival she forms a covert-mission team and asks Black Canary to become an operative. Barbra and Black Canary butt heads at first but they eventually learned how to work together and began adding several core female members to their group.

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     During Rebirth Birds of Prey opened their group to male members but in the beginning their all female team made them one of the most revolutionary and disrupting femme vigilante groups in fictional history! Together this group has taken on several operative missions, taking on Brainiac, and super villains with the one in the live action film rumored to be BlackMask!

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             Black Canary is a woman of so many talents and one of the truest icons for female power, its near impossible not to do a case study on her! Much like Wonder Woman Black Canary’s powerful stance, her riveting beauty, and unyielding love and strength has given her comic book runs and fans their just do of heart-pounding battles and loveable moments! Dinah has evolved from the simple supporting character girl to an unstoppable force to be reckoned with, and seeing Jurnee Smollet play her in the live action will continue to make her accessible to everyone today! Another live action film recently confirmed (and has everyone screaming their head off) will be the next character in our spotlight!

Be sure to keep your eyes peeled for this one, because he moves fast…and can can kill you in the blink of an eye!

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