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This Is America: The Visual Realization Behind The Beat

This Is America: The Visual Realization Behind The Beat

On the most recent SNL Donald Glover, aka: Childish Gambino dropped one of his funkiest hits yet…along with a truthfully chilling video.

“This Is America” is simple in it’s lyrics but bears a heavier weight when you break down the fact that it is the Black American experience.

When I first saw the video I was immediately captivated with lyrics stating “we just wanna party” and Gambino moving in that funky way we all know so well…just to then see him shoot a black man.

If this caught you off guard, thats the point. This is the truth we as black people know so well. This is America.

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Digging deeper, we see and hear traditional African music and dances throughout the song; a nod at our heritage. Personally, this song and video are true representations of what its like. To put on a smile and just want to live, to party, to make our means and then go about our way but never knowing which way will be the last. This is something all people of color know and what is emulated through the roller coaster of emotions that is this piece.

If one thing is clear, it is that America has a problem and Gambino is showing us. Take heed.


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