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This Month’s Mercury Retrograde Is Spooky And We’re Scared

This Month’s Mercury Retrograde Is Spooky And We’re Scared

Previously on Retrograde Season, we were hit with back to back retrogrades in July. It’s like every planet out there wanted us to ride the struggle bus.

Not only that, but we were knee deep in eclipse season, so we were feeling every type of off balanced we could feel. Now, our next Mercury retrograde is around the corner, this time on Halloween. This will also be the last retrograde of 2019, which we may or may not be thankful for. While Mercury retrograde causes us to really focus on how we express ourselves and communicate with others, it can be a bit of a hassle. Add that to it happening at the start of Scorpio season and we’re just a tad nervous for what’s in store.

Will we grow with it or will we be stung?

Scorpios and Scorpio season already have a reputation for being more prickly than the other water signs. But, that’s just because they are intense, expressive, and loyal. But when crossed, you’ll be stung and stung HARD. They are a no nonsense zodiac, because they don’t have the capacity or time for it. With retrograde happening in Scorpio season, deep passions and feelings may come to the surface. If things were hidden, whether they were desires or concerns, they will be coming to light during this time. We may be questioning the intentions of others, whether they are currently in our lives or were formerly and coming back to haunt us. This may cause some paranoia, but it can also help us be more careful. If there are new faces or even close ones that you’re unsure of, check them. It’s easy to fall into some kind of insecurity during this time. 

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Remember this is also a time for re-evaluation and growth.

Mercury retrograde can be pretty scary, but there are many lessons to be learned. We’ll be seeing what is best serving us and what truly isn’t. There will be times where we’ll need to be more diligent and check and double check our appointments, schedules, etc. Past lovers, other relationships, and hidden feelings will be in our faces to handle once again. In this, it’s time to embrace the truth and the reality of these situations even if it hurts. Don’t get too lost and caught up in judgement and accusations. While this season is hitting at the private and personal areas of our lives, we’ll know how to make the appropriate changes for the future.

Remember, take the time to think before being ready to sting!

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