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Tima of TimaLovesLemons Talks About Living In Asia And Life As A YouTuber

Tima of TimaLovesLemons Talks About Living In Asia And Life As A YouTuber

Today, I had the opportunity to interview the kick ass TimaLovesLemons, about life, her YouTube channel and her favorite things!

If you haven’t been introduced to her awesome channel yet, this is the perfect way to get to know her, before you devour her videos like we did.

What did you want to be when you were younger?

When I was younger, I wanted be an artist of some sort. I was pretty sheltered as a child, so all I was left with were books, drawings, and music. I think that’s what mostly made me into the creative person I am today.

What got you into fashion? What is your go to look?

It wasn’t until college that I started getting interested in fashion. Watching youtube during that time really helped me figure out what styles meshed well with my personality. I love being able to switch between girly and edgy looks. Oversized sweatshirts and platforms are my go to. Of course anything pastel or black is also. After I moved away from home, I had the freedom to explore styles that I was always interested in.

Who are some of your favorite YouTubers?

I have so many! But to name a few right now: Jackie Aina, Hey Paris, Edward Avila, Krist Soup, Chonunmigooksaram, and my besties Thelovelyify and Milesjai.

Tell us about yourself about your hobbies?

I love drawing/painting, video editing, and playing guitar.

What is your favorite anime?

My favorite anime would have to be Bokura Ga Ita (“slice of life” genre)

Your favorite kpop artist?

Can I name two atm? BTS and Black Pink

Who is your favorite makeup brand?

Nars <3

Favorite thing about visiting Korea? Japan?

I would say being able to finally visit two of the countries I’ve wanted to travel to since high school. Being able to go with my best friends made it one of the most epic/rewarding experiences of my life. Oh yeah, and also the food  and shopping! Can’t forget the food and shopping.

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If you could go anywhere in the world where and why?

I would go to Europe just because it’s next on my list, and I have family there.

What’s your favorite thing about makeup and fashion?

Being able to use them as forms of expression. I like that I can pull off a bold look with vibrant colors, or something more pastel, or muted that’s cute.

Photo Credit: Tawnny Rey Photo Credit: Tawnny Rey

Any advice for novice YouTubers?

My advice would be to go in with the intentions of having fun, and being yourself on your platform. If you really want to reach people, building a form a trust is important, especially as you’re taking the role of an influencer. Also remember that you do come first, and making content that fits well with your personality/interests is key.

What would you like to see your amazing YouTube channel become in the long run?

I would like to see my channel grow more as a beauty/lifestyle channel. I want to use my platform to inspire people with similar interests and those that relate to my content.

Learn More About Tima Here: Instagram | Twitter | Facebook | Tumblr.


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