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Timothee Chalamet And Sand Worms! What We Know About The Sci-Fi Epic To Come

Timothee Chalamet And Sand Worms! What We Know About The Sci-Fi Epic To Come

     The year 2019 has seemed to bring an end to all major sagas as Game of Thrones, Avengers: EndGame and now Star Wars are all coming to a close.

This empty chasm will be hard to fill for all nerds and quirks alike, but not to fret as a solution is already in place. The movie Dune has been buzzing around Hollywood for quite awhile, and now that the sci-fi spectacular is officially slated to begin production nerds everywhere can’t stop geeking out! I am certainly excited about the upcoming sci-fi phenomenon. Below is what we know so far:

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            If you aren’t familiar Dune was a novel written in 1965 by Frank Herbert. It is hailed by the sci-fi community as essentially the gold standard, Infinity Gauntlet, Iron Throne, Ring, Elder Wand – What have you of sci-fi novels ever written. It is essentially about a family that inherits a rare and (if not invaluable spice) and their control of that. As with any take over this begins the war of politics, religion, and socialism.

David Lynch made the first Dune movie and it was suppose to follow its predecessor making it the best sci-fi movie ever made.  But alas, Dune was not well received and was buried beneath the sand so to speak. 30+ years after this incident Legendary pictures and Warner Bros have began principle shooting on this stellar picture with Denis Villenueve’s (Blade Runner 2049) as the director. Whose to star in it? Literally every big name in the Hollywood sphere as of late.

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    Timothée Chalamet (Call me by your Name) will star as Paul Atreides the main character to inherit the value of trade of the particular spice. Then follows Oscar Issac as Duke,  Jason Momoa, Zendaya, Josh Brolin, and Javier Bardem  (No Country for Old Men) who will be playing an essential force in the film. Denis Villenueve is also writing the script meaning that fans can expect a story filled with emotional depth suspense, and surely a ‘what is life’ theme to it.

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    As if it couldn’t get more exciting Dune has already been confirmed to be a two movie billing. That’s right, all those part 1 and part 2 movies will be put to good use in 2020’s versioning of the movie Dune. This partly makes sense as the book itself is divided into two parts constituting of life on the planet containing the invaluable spice. The good news for us fans – this movie is classified as Star Wars for adults. The Star Wars franchise itself was inspired partly by Dune and the dealings of governing in space. It will be interesting to see how the two films draw on each other, if any at all.

With filming now officially started and all of those great names confirmed I am over and beyond excited to see Dune come to theaters. As a usual fan of Dennis Villenuevs film work I can’t wait to see what he does with this sci-fi project. Are you excited about the new film!

    Be sure to check back to us Quirks for the latest Dune news as well as other Sci-Fi/ fantasy updates. Dune is slated to spice up theaters November 20, 2020!

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