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The Top YouTube Stations For Anime Vibin’

The Top YouTube Stations For Anime Vibin’

Most Anime lovers can agree that one of the elements that makes a show great is the soundtrack. With the rising popularity of Lofi and Chillhop music, many underground artists from around the globe have put out their anime-inspired tunes.

But where do you go when you’re yearning for more Anime vibes? Here’s our list of our favorite YouTube pages to satisfy your Otaku feels.

Aruarian Music

Formerly titled “Nujabes & Fellows,” this page features all the Jazz, Hip-Hop, and Lofi you can handle, along with beautiful listener submitted artwork for the videos.


With scores directly inspired from shows like Naruto, AnimeVibe never disappoints!

Chillhop Music

This page features a 24-hour livestream. Never be without gaming or study beats ever again.

The Jazz Hop Café

Features Studio Ghibli tunes and sounds dedicated to every emotion out there!


For aspiring YouTubers that need some background music, the ChilledCow features a whole playlist of copyright free music for your own videos!

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Soulful tunes that combine anime tunes and current raps from mainstream and underground artists.


Love Cowboy Bebop‘s jazzy soundtrack? This page has a dedicated playlist just for you.

Whatever your favorite anime may be, these pages will cover all of your instru[mental] chill needs! Tune in, Space Cowboy…

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