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Treat Yo Self: The Best Otaku-Inspired Pick-Me-Up Gifts

Treat Yo Self: The Best Otaku-Inspired Pick-Me-Up Gifts

In need of some good ‘ol fashioned retail therapy?

Here are some sweet, guilty-free, little otaku gifts to boost your mood!

The Life-Changing Manga Of Tidying Up

For those otaku that desperately need to get a handle on their stacks of manga. Marie Kondo’s infamous book, The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up, has inspired many to straighten up their spaces.

Who doesn’t like a plushie to squeeze away the blues?

Etsy Shop Trinkets

Etsy has something for everyone so it should be no surprise that it made this list! Check out these adorable Soot Sprite minis that can be used as earrings, a keychain, or cell charm.

Sailor Gang Apparel

Love Sailor Moon? Love The Quirk Shop? Check out our most recent line of apparel with Sailor Melanin! Be sure to follow her here where you can find a discount code for your first purchase! You won’t regret it.


The perfect, tiny, guilt-free gift. Also, makes anything you can stick it to fashionable and unique.

Japan Crate

Who doesn’t like receiving a surprise out of the blue? Well with one-time and monthly subscriptions to Japan Crate, you can have various assortments of candy, plushies, and more inspired by your favorite fandoms!

Funko Pops

There’s one for pretty much any fandom you can think of. Cute, affordable and a great addition to your desk or nightstand. Treat yo self!

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