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Two Ton Rock God By Chris Scott Is A Mech-Lover’s Dream

Two Ton Rock God By Chris Scott Is A Mech-Lover’s Dream

Who digs giant robots? We do. Mix together an idol anime, throw in some Megas XLR,  then splash in some of that good ol’ Scott Pilgrim guitar dueling after adding a pinch of JoJo’s Stand power and you get a masterpiece from Chris Scott! Above all else, Two Ton Rock God is a refreshing breath of futuristic fresh air from the norm.

Two Ton Rock God (TTRG) is written, penned, colored and independently published by Chris Scott. If you’re wondering if this is amazing, it is.

The story takes place on Kameo-3, a planet where music is the culture. For the last 600 years they have held tournaments where String Mages not only perform but also battle with the help of their soul-powered Rhythmechs. There is glory, there is celebration but, there is also pain for those who lose.

Rocket and Moxie, an Unstoppable Pair.

Chris Scott

The story opens with Rocket watching his String Mage idol on his phone. He then tells his Rhythmech, Moxie, that one day they’ll be up there on the biggest stage of music and dueling. No time to ponder though, as he is being called to a much smaller stage in the Herd of Cows club and duel bar of his hometown. The size of the stage does not matter to Rocket, and he rocks out anyway. The crowd loves him, he’s on fire… almost literally. But what is this strange feeling he has?

With his performance over, he is greeted by the crowed with love and proposition from two dragons for a threesome. He, to his own surprise it seems, does not yet have an answer for them before the Mashup begins.

Mashups are duels in which String Mages and their Rhythmechs battle. Using their instruments and their soul power bond they battle in tandem to defeat their opponents. Rocket desperately wants to be a part of this but Ham, the club owner, will absolutely not allow it. It’s too dangerous. So, Rocket watches from the sidelines as he always does. After the match he seeks solace in the comfort of his friend-with-benefits, Jet.

Rhythmechs, can they love as we do?

Upon arrival to what we can assume is not just a friendly visit, Rocket is greeted by a tank of a woman. She stares through his soul, but leaves and makes way for an adorable, robo-armed Jet Cadillac. They speak for a moment before getting down to business. What is really interesting here is that their Rhythmechs also seem fond of each other. Can Rhythmechs love? Are they entirely sentient? Or is this just their bond reacting to their String Mages’ bond with each other. Either way, some sex was had.

“How are the rhythmechs more romantic than you” – Jet Cadillac to Rocket

Mama Cass is a no-nonsense kind of woman!

Mama Cass is a woman who has obviously seen some bad things. She is the mother to our main character and the owner of Mama Cass’ Repair. A mech expert, a queen, a worried mother. It is in this scene that we find her working on the “big ass mech” belonging to Mac, a character who doesn’t even play an instrument. He says that he is entering the Two Ton competition and when he wins he’ll help with the bills around the shop.

Not everything is okay in Rocket’s world he finds. There are several cut off notices for Mama Cass’ shop. He is obviously infuriated that she would not bring this up with him. Again, in a futuristic world with soul-powered mechs that respond to music, Chris Scott finds a way to ground the reader. These character’s still have issues we can relate to. Rocket brings up the fact that he could duel in Mashups for money and she forbids it. This is obviously something they’ve fought about before and she will not have it. She gestures to her own mangled hand and to his leg, robotic from the thigh down, saying that they have lost too much already in Mashups.

Back to the Club

There is no asking this time, Rocket demands Ham put he and Moxie in a mashup. Ham, as his mother’s best friend, has be blocking him from this but after seeing the bills he has a change of heart. Ham cares about Mama Cass, this is for certain. While Ham is considering, one of the clubs most victorious mashup duelists challenges Rocket.

This is Rocket’s first mashup and he will be fighting one of the best in his hometown. Do you think he and Moxie are ready to mix it up? Well, pick up Issue #1 and find out!

Final Thoughts

You should definitely pick this up! Issue #1 of Two Ton Rock God is fully available right at this moment on Chris Scott’s website.

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The artwork and writing do any amazing job of sucking you into this universe that is superbly different from our own yet grounded in things we can all relate to. There is a certain sense of urgency surrounding the main character that propels him forward and makes him quite endearing. To say Two Ton Rock God is diverse is an understatement. There are humans of varying shades along with vaguely human-like creatures that are integrated into society without any questioning. Two dragons asking a human boy for a threesome and not an eyelash batted? Sign me up. I could go on and on about the sexual progressiveness presented and not harped on for paragraphs, but for now I’ll just say that it is awesome. There is a mystery surrounding the reason for all of these people having mechanical appendages as well. The first issue raises a ton of questions by simply introducing these amazing settings, characters and beyond treacherous stakes while allowing all the answers to be neatly placed within future issues for us to read. Everything feels very natural and it is all moving at a conscious pace.

In closing, if you like science fiction, giant robots, and characters who feel like friends then pick up Issue #1 of Two Ton Rock God. If you like a plot centered around a culture driven by the power of music both literally and figuratively, pick up Issue #1 of Two Ton Rock God! If you like quality stories told by independent artists then, as previously stated, pick of Issue #1 of Two Ton Rock God! Stop waiting, just do it!

About The Author

Chris Scott’s Twitter bio says that he lives in a land known to Final Fantasy XIV players as Eorzea, but we have it on good authority that he is actually an Earth native. Follow Chris on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. Purchase his comic and various other TTRG merchandise on his website!

When asked about his inspiration for creating the world of Two Ton Rock God, Chris Scott had this to say:

“Two Ton Rock God can be boiled down to a celebration of the four big passions in my life: First, Mecha Anime. Next, the synth-infused Electro Funk of the 80s. Then, there’s my love of pro-wrestling. And finally, I wanted it to focus wholly on POC characters. Be they straight, LGBT, Ace, or folks with disabilities. I want to create awesome characters that represent them.
But primarily, it’s about robots beating the HELL out of each other to screeching guitars.”


Quirktastic sincerely hopes that you pick of the first issue of Two Ton Rock God. This is sure to be a wild ride so, join us for all the twists and turns!

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