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#Unbreakable – Stay Alive Dangit! Why Titus Andromedon Should be Your Life Coach

#Unbreakable – Stay Alive Dangit! Why Titus Andromedon Should be Your Life Coach

    It’s been several months since the end of Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt and I have been rebinging ever since!

From the genius quirky mind of Tina Fey came a show filled with many surprises, throwbacks to an epic decade, and musical numbers from the one and only dynamic Titus Andromedon! An unforgettable character written with some of the most YAS GIRL lines, and moments in television history, Titus Andromedon is the inner life coach we all need.


    In addition to Lemonading Titus Andromedon dropped several #lizard people, #truths, #everything you’ve ever need to know to navigate this Foop called life! For instance when he taught us copyright law that we didn’t learn in school.


    When Titus learned the hard way that he or any of his other Friday Night at Freddy comrades couldn’t get their deposit back from the sleezy costume owner Titus did the one thing he knew he could do. After having his own personal experience with Disney copyright lawyers Titus got the shop owner to give him back their deposits. Now, that’s legal advice you can’t buy (probably get sued) but definitely can’t buy!

titus copy right

    Not to mention no one can teach you how to finese finances like Titus Andromedon. One should never forget the classic scene when Titus goes to receive money from his bank account and gets left with a negative one dollar bill.

titus dollar

    But if it’s one thing we know about Titus he will stretch a one dollar bill (literally) if it gets him where he needs to go, and thus teaches us how to do the same thing!

titus ridicolous

   And lastly, that moment he gave us real tea in racism with a black African-American werewolf in America! Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt has always parodied society moments in the show but there’s never been a realer moment that when Titus decided to live as a werewolf than a black man.

titus cop

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   In a chilling sequence (mainly due to Titus’s costume) we see Titus have several EXTREMELY pleasant interactions, Titus finally reveals that he was treated better as a werewolf than he ever did as a black man, and that’s the gospel truth.  People of color are typically accepted into the mainstream fiction community as long as our skin is painted a different color, or we are completely covered in another form of costume (even T’Challa has to dawn a mask to become the black panther). As people of color we do tend to receive better treatment when we are presented as anything other than ourselves…and in Titus Andromedon words –

titus 2

    Titus Andromedon is a one of kind character (and that’s a HUGE understatement)!  His performances are always legendary and with Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt officially being over he will be deeply missed on the screen.

But an Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt interactive episode is on the horizon so our one and only Titus Andromedon will star on the big screen again! Until then let him be your guide, and no matter what –




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