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VRV’s Latest Episode Of Bravest Warriors Will Have Video Game Fans Shook

VRV’s Latest Episode Of Bravest Warriors Will Have Video Game Fans Shook

For those of us who love and miss Adventure Time not all hope is lost.

Bravest Warriors is an exclusive show only on VRV on their Cartoon Hangover Channel. It follows four teenaged heroes-for-hire as they warp through the universe to save adorable aliens and their worlds using the power of their emotions. Creator, Pendleton Ward has done it again, giving us all the colors, humor and quirk.

Quirktastic got a special sneak peek on this week’s episode and we’re thrilled to watch! In this latest episode it’s night shift in the E.R. as Wallow trains for his nursing credential. But when chaos erupts, he must swap bedpans for scalpels and learn the hard truths about Registered Nursing. Then, the Bravest Warriors discover their reality is actually a ‘video game’ designed to entertain Higher Beings. Lacking free will, they quickly find themselves locked in a competition to the actual death with no power to resist.

Wallow’s character stats according to the higher beings

Based off the preview for this week we’re really excited over here at Quirktastic! There seems to be an essence of Sword Art Online in this episode but with Pendleton Ward’s humor its sure to be a way more fun and less emotional ride!

Excited for more? Check out this exclusive clip from this week’s episode and be sure to tune into VRV for more Bravest Warriors!


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