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VRV’s Line Up Defines What A Real Hero Is

VRV’s Line Up Defines What A Real Hero Is

What makes a hero? Someone intelligent or maybe someone strong? Well, these guys don’t have any of those qualities and yet in times of trouble they show up… wanted or not. VRV has provided us with some binge-worthy shows to review that have some of the most unlikely, yet interesting heroes.

Final Space follows Gary, a space prisoner serving out the rest of his time after blowing up star cruisers (and a restaurant). One day while he is doing his space labor, Gary stumbles upon an adorable creature in which he named Mooncake. Unbeknownst to him, this creature is a planet-destroying alien and some powerful people are looking for it. At first Gary doesn’t seem like your typical hero although if you asked him he would say he’s the bravest in the galaxy. But when it came down to escaping and saving just himself verses with his new alien friend, Gary threw all logic out the window and risked his own life. That type of selflessness reminded me of all my favorite heroes, to think about others before yourself is what separates them from the rest.

Bravest Warriors is a combination of Futurama and Adventure Time, which makes sense since it is created by Pendleton Ward, the mind behind Adventure Time. Following four teenagers as they float through the universe helping those in need while trying to conquer their emotions. Sometimes heroes need help and that doesn’t make them any less of a hero. Being apart of a team can bring forth powers within you never knew you had. Also having someone look out for you and help make the best decisions is a plus, Just ask the Avengers.

Turbo Fantasy is the hero who you didn’t necessarily want but one you need. A sports center duty manager turned vigilante who lives in another dimension trying to lead his two sidekicks while they fight crime. Turbo is a prime example of the importance of leadership, instructing orders and looking at ways to better the team. He may not have all the smarts but he’s a leader all the same.

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When we think about heroes, we sometimes don’t think about the things they sacrifice. In Gary and His Demonsit shows the harsh realities that come with being a crusader of justice. Gary has been a demon hunter for 30 years and after losing everything to the job, he is ready to retire. But because it is his destiny his boss isn’t willing to let him go that easily. Gary and His Demons has a authentic comedy feel similar to Bojack Horseman. Being a hero has its downsides and isn’t an easy job or one with glitz and glamour but a job that has to get done nevertheless. Did I mention there’s a magical girl transformation scene?

Heroes come in all shapes and sizes! All with unique traits and backstories that we can relate to. Whether you’re sticking up for someone in need or saving your alien friends from evil space lords, just know you are unstoppable. Be sure to check all these amazing heroes out on VRV!

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