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Watanabe, Bones Studio And Netflix Combine To Bring Us A Black Female-Led Anime

Watanabe, Bones Studio And Netflix Combine To Bring Us A Black Female-Led Anime

Netflix’s newest anime, Carole & Tuesday, is set to air on April 10, 2019. This futuristic story takes place fifty years after humans migrated to Mars, in a culture now dominated by artificial intelligence. The series will follow two girls, with differing backgrounds, who find friendship through their love for music.

“The two met and created a song. No one knew what a miracle it would bring.”

Here’s a list of reasons why you should be hype for this new slice of life anime:

Anime Powerhouses

The original anime series, Carole & Tuesday, will be directed and produced by anime powerhouses: Shinichiro Watanabe and Bones, Inc. The acclaimed director, Watanabe, is widely known for Cowboy Bebop and Samurai Champloo. Bones Studio is responsible for producing many cult classics including: My Hero Academia, Mob Psycho 100, Darker Than Black, Soul Eater, and Eureka Seven. Carole & Tuesday is particularly important as it will mark the 20th anniversary for Bones. A collaboration such as this promises not to disappoint.  

The Lead Character is a Black Woman

A decade has passed since we’ve had a Black woman as the lead character in an anime series. Not since the fierce and captivating, Afro-Brazilian main character of Michiko y Hatchin (which we highly recommend btw), have we seen another black woman portrayed as a lead character in this genre. This makes Carole & Tuesday all the more important.

Carole is a 17-years old Black girl and an aspiring musician who can sing and play the piano. She’s inspired by Beyonce, Adele, and Aretha Franklin and loves skateboarding. We’re excited to see Carole rock her natural hair as her and her companion, Tuesday, struggle to make their dreams of being musicians come true.

Vocals Performed by a NY Native with Jamaican Roots

Not only are we getting the second Black female lead character, Carole is voiced by a Black woman from Far Rockaway, Queens whom currently resides in Atlanta, GA. This talented artist with Jamaican roots is known as Nai Br. XX. She is under the production of Atlanta-based producer, Sensei Bueno. Auditions for the anime were held for actors-singers globally and Nai Br.XX killed it.

Dying to know more? We’ve got you covered. We got the chance to interview Nai Br.XX and will be sharing her experience working on the anime in an upcoming article. Stay tuned! In the meantime, check out her new single, “Daydream.”Lit Soundtrack

Well, what can we say? This anime is a musical. And of course, we have Nai Br.XX on the vocals. Nai Br.XX and Celeina Ann will be performing both the opening (Kiss Me) and ending (Hold Me Now) theme songs. Japanese record label, FlyingDog, is behind the music production. Carole & Tuesday marks the 10th anniversary for FlyingDog, so it’s a celebration all around!

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Carole & Tuesday will be bringing some interesting and diverse characters. The original character designs were created by Eisaku Kubonouchi, who is known for his own original works: Chocolat and Sono Toki Kanojo Wa. Eisaku has also worked on titles including Cherry, Kiki’s Delivery Service, Heidi, and Girl of the Alps.

Carole & Tuesday is one of the most anticipated series for spring 2019 anime season. You don’t want to miss out! Check out the trailer:

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