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Watch Out! The Magnificent Misty Knight Is Here!

Watch Out! The Magnificent Misty Knight Is Here!

     She may look like Foxy Brown but in no way is her name Pam Grier. As a former NYPD officer Misty Knight is a woman you don’t want to mess with!

   Misty has fought with some of  the most infamous superhero groups and has created a few of her own. She was created in 1975, by Tony Isabella and Arvell Jones, and she’s been kicking ass and taking names ever since. I’m so excited, and I just can’t hide it, to showcase Misty Knight!

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Name: Mercedes Knight 

Origin: A rising star with the NYPD, Misty Knight was a bad guys, or gal, worst enemy! When Misty visited a bank and encountered a bomb she tried to disarm it, and lost her actual arm instead. Noticing her heroism Tony Stark gave her a bionic arm, and with that she left her desk job, and began a PI firm with best friend Colleen Wing (Iron Fist). After their business took off Misty Knight began having a lot more run ins with super heroes and villains alike!

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Powers: Thanks to that bionic arm from Tony Stark Misty Knight is, literally, packed with powers! She can shoot concussive blasts, has magnetic pull, and can even melt down other metals. Misty can also shoot more than just hoops, as she is an accurate marksmen, can throw a knife with precision, and is highly skilled in martial arts. Her arm also gives her the ability of ice powers as she can shoot cryogenic energy from far away!

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Interesting Facts #1: Misty Knight vs. The Hulk: While they didn’t physically go toe to toe Misty Knight shut down one of the greatest revenge plots by the Hulk. Remember the Illuminati… well this group decided to send the Hulk away to a random planet after he attacked Las Vegas. The Hulk toils away as a gladiator in this planet and returns to earth as World War Hulk! She uses the Heroes for Hire to battle the Hulk and his army, and together they defeated them!

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#2: Mama’s got a new Shield: In a recent comic book issue Misty Knight takes up Captain America’s shield to go against The Slug. The Slug, a fitting name, is essentially making robotic decoys of Marvel Women and sold them to wealthy businessmen – this includes a Storm decoy! (It all comes full circle). Misty smashes through the Slug and his decoys with an unstoppable force – now that would incredible to see!

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#3: Civil War was missing One: That’s right! Although Misty Knight, and a couple of other hundred heroes, were missing in the live action Civil War its still remarkably cool to hear of their involvement in the comic books. Spider-Man, Iron Man, and Mr. Fantastic asked Misty Knight and Colleen Wing to join the fight. Together they hunt down heroes that didn’t register with the government, and went on to take other missions off the grid. Afterwards, Misty stayed with her reformed heroes for hire and went on to have several other missions that led up to the epic World War Hulk even!

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#4: Misty and the Mutants!: During the infamous Age of Apocalypse Misty gets caught in the diabolical clutches of Apocalypse and is forced to go underground with the other non-mutants. When she gets saved by Havok and Cyclops, but unfortunately, Misty is shortly cut down. She dies in a fight against her reanimated former corpse friends. But ya know they saying, your not a real hero until you die…at least once! (I think thats a saying)

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Misty Knight has to be one Marvel’s most underestimated superheroes! She is extremely smart, savvy in her leadership, and swift with her justice. Misty Knight has founded and led several groups, dated some of earth’s mightiest heroes, and is apparently apart of the Spider-gang, so…maybe a cameo in the next Spider-verse!

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I certainly can’t wait to read more about Misty, and because she is so epic she gets to end the pilot comic book series of 2019! We’re not done yet so be sure to be on the lookout for future superhero spotlights coming your way soon! 

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