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#QuirkCounselor: I’ve Found 4 Ways To Be Thankful In All Circumstances (Even When Someone Doesn’t Approve Of Your Quirkiness)

#QuirkCounselor: I’ve Found 4 Ways To Be Thankful In All Circumstances (Even When Someone Doesn’t Approve Of Your Quirkiness)

Ways to Be thankful in almost any situation moreartsdesign

I want you to look at the turbulence in your life a bit differently… I want you to find ways to be thankful for that turbulence instead.

Can’t wrap your head around that? Don’t worry, I’ll show you how.

Welcome to #QuirkCounselor! The Quirktastic series where you can come for support, resources. encouragement, and inspiration to continue (or start!) living a life that genuinely brings you joy. Despite the naysayers and self-doubt you might experience trying to do so.

We’ve already chatted about how we can deal with negative emotions, but this article will cover situations as well.

Think of turmoil as a test…

And below, I’ve created a “cheat sheet” for navigating it all with a different perspective.

Situation: When someone tells you how you should be spending your time, or what you SHOULD be doing with your life:

I know when intially reading this, it seems impossible to find ways to be thankful for someone nagging you about how you choose to joyfully exist.

Tell me this: do they have a way to tell the future? Are they able to tell you exactly why what you’re doing is a waste of time, and have it make logical sense? 

If no to either of these, don’t look to them as an authority figure for who you are or what you’re trying to pursue.

Instead, try to reflect on WHY they’re so adamant about controlling your life or to see where they’re coming from with their viewpoint.

And that’s it.

Life has no rules (especially outcomes to any situation). You don’t need to subscribe to what they say or do. Just understanding where they come from gives you a sense of compassion to help let them and their views go.

Especially if you’re forced to be around them.

(Another piece of advice is to find people who have succeeded in what you’re striving for. They can be your “rock” for when the people around you are trying you.)

how to be thankful when people push your buttons

Situation: When someone pushes your buttons *JUST* right, causing you to lash out.

Take this as a test as well (and be thankful for the opportunity to improve yourself through it!). Remember: you can ultimately choose how you respond, react, and feel about a situation. Most things are just information, and you’re interpreting it however your subconscious takes it.

I KNOW initially, things can make you feel all sorts of emotions.

Not too long ago I struggled with this exact thing.

I was being yelled at, called names, being told what I wasn’t doing with my life and what I should be doing with it instead and started defending myself.

But because I caught myself, I stopped and let them continue so I could move on with my day.

I realized I was just wasting time and energy trying to “defend” myself, and that me reacting the same way to the same situation would just always yield the same results.

So shake things up; do it differently for your own sanity and growth… and hopefully someday they’ll follow.

Tips to start practicing gratitude for the above situations:

Become more aware of your emotions. 
Beginning to notice your emotions and how you feel when certain situations arise is a skill I highly recommend you start developing. It’s the gateway to finding the places in your life that need healing or realignment–be thankful for such telling signs!

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Become more aware of the way your body FEELS during these moments. If you’ve never noticed it before, begin noticing it now. If you’re feeling anxious, angry, sad, or any other “negative” emotion, notice how your body is responding to the situation as well. You can actually find ways to slow a racing heart, manage the pressure in your chest or lower abdomen, and more.

But first you’ve got to identify when your body is reacting to stressors in your life.

Try out cord-cutting to “sever” and “clean” energetic attachments you have with someone. Energy talk may sound like a bunch of hocus pocus stuff, but it really isn’t! You know how you can feel tension in a room? Or someone’s infectious charisma or repelling bad mood? It’s all an energy thing.

So in this case, there are guided meditations you can do to energetically release someone or alter the energetic hold they may have over your own life.

Try creating a protective energy bubble around you. Another energy technique available is to create a protective bubble around you. Again, it’s all a feeling thing, and it just feels good to be able to intentionally create protection around you and be aware of it when someone or something has you internally screaming, NOT TODAY, SATAN!!

Tell yourself to RISE ABOVE and that you want to be the change you wish to see IN YOUR LIFE.
Start becoming aware of the cycles that come from arguing or living the same responses and reactions and lifestyle on autopilot. Begin to be the change that disrupts the sameness you’re so sick of seeing in your life and be patient with those in your life who haven’t caught on to changing their lives for the better yet.

Pay attention to patterns when it comes to things/people/situations you complain about. Usually, the energy you’re giving off about a certain thing is being mirrored back to you. For example, if you’re mad that people never show up for you, is it because you never show up for yourself (following through with tasks? Keeping promises? Even to yourself??)

Remember the POWER you hold over your life! To go along with the showing up example… instead of asking why someone isn’t supporting you, respecting you, or interested in what you do… ask yourself WHY ARE YOU NOT FULLY AND 100% SHOWING UP FOR YOURSELF?! Why are you letting what others say and think dictate and take power over your precious gem of a life? Don’t! Chose NOT to!

Remember that you’ll be using these encounters in your success memoir someday soon. 😉 SERIOUSLY! Whenever I find myself saying, “Lord, give me strength…” I have literally made it a mantra to say, “this moment will be SO great to share as part of my come up story!”

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