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Weather Advisory: The Electric Truths Behind Storm!

Weather Advisory: The Electric Truths Behind Storm!

       She has many names…none of which end in dragons, chains, mer folk (you get the point).

But she has been known as Wind-Rider, Goddess of the Plains, and even the wife of T’Challa – Queen of Wakanda! But we all know and love her as Storm, a woman whose electric side knows no bounds, and her spunky demeanor will zap you into shape! This X-Woman has tussled with mystical tyrants, paired up with the Avengers, can control the atmosphere and the list goes on. Ororo is one the most influential characters in comic book history as she is the first major independent black woman to appear in comics period. So without further ado, lets dive deep into this Queen of Elements powers!

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Origin: Ororo was born in Harlem, NYC to a rebellious Kenyan princess and an American photographer in Harlem, New York. Shortly after the family’s move to Cairo, Egypt a plane crashed into their house, and Ororo’s parents were killed.

As she was orphaned at a young age she took to pick pocketing the streets to survive. This would eventually lead her to setting out for her ancestral land on foot in which she discovers the extent of her mutant powers. These powers caught the attention of Professor Xavier himself who asked Ororo to help save the X-Men and was given a code name, giving birth to STORM!

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Powers: Her times on the streets as a child graced Storm with the ability to pickpocket, and  have great tactician skills. But her power to control the weather isn’t as simple as it may seems as she can govern any forces connected to the planet.

Storm’s iconic white eye glow also isn’t an accessory to her stellar white hair. When her eyes turn white Storm is channeling the world in a different energy source. This gives her the ability to pretty much perceive  the world in a higher form of vision, and she can even see the human nervous system!

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Interesting Facts: #1: People just can’t get their hands off Thor’s Hammer – In true Marvel fashion, Storm is no stranger to teaming up with other superhero groups and during a stint with Thor she got her own hammer! Stormcaster (not Stormbreaker) was  much like Thor Storm’s hammer, and it powered up Storm to unbelievable strength. It  was created by Loki, and as soon as Storm got a hold of it she became the Goddess of Thunder! Apparently, Storm and Stormcaster have a bit of a love/hate relationship as Storm has destroyed the hammer several times, and yet it manages to come back to her….Live action film anyone!

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#2: STORM vs. WONDER WOMAN: You can’t get anymore Clash of the Titans than Storm vs Wonder Woman. Again, back in the ‘old’ days, it wasn’t hard for DC and Marvel to do crossover issues especially if it featured conflict between central characters. In a battle, where the fans got to decide the ending, Storm beats Wonder Woman in an electric way (and that’s an understatement). As one can see this is quite controversial as anyone know Wonder Woman is one of the strongest character’s ever created in fiction history. As someone who is a HUGE fan of both women I refuse to take sides as the fact these two battled it out is good enough for me.

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#3: Storm for sure, Powers no more: Its no surprise that a hero, mutant, magician, or whoever loses their power – it pretty much comes with the territory right up there with dying. So when Henry Gyrich steals a neutralizing gun (…that Storm made) and robs Storm’s of her powers she doesn’t take to kind to it. Storms abilities and being able to control the weather is a large part of her identity, unlike other heroes, it literally makes up Storm’s identity. She goes quite for sometime without her powers and in a reboot issue gets them back. Suffice to say, as powerful as she is, Storm has had her own rainy day…or two.

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#4: The Storm and The Grey:  Jean Grey meant a lot to the  X-men but no more than Storm. These two were best friends and Jean Grey took Storm under wing, showing her the ropes, and being her confident. So one can imagine how truly devastating it was for her when Jean Grey became Dark Phoenix. In an issue of Uncanny X-Men the two women square off, and one can tell Storm is clearly devastated at the prospect of taking down her very best friend. Suffice to say Storm replaces Dark Phoenix for a spell and is never the same after it.

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            So there we have it! Storm’s adventures have landed her in numerous scuffles and she manages to come back stronger every time, this includes her becoming a vampire (no joke!) Her powers are uncanny and her manipulation of the hemisphere definitely makes her a force to be reckoned with among other heroes… T’Challa is no exception! Although, these two being together didn’t last long, Black Panther and Storm was once one!

            That’s why next week’s comic book spotlight will feature the ultimate Black Cat himself!

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