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#WitchingHour: What To Keep In Mind When Doing Spells And Manifestations

#WitchingHour: What To Keep In Mind When Doing Spells And Manifestations

So you’re trying to make things happen for yourself. 

Maybe you’re in a tight spot and would like some money to come your way. Or, you’ve been feeling down as of late and could receive some positive vibes to lift your spirit. As we’re still getting settled into the new year, a lot of spell casting and manifestations can come to mind when trying to move things along. However, you can’t do some things all willy nilly. Here are a few things to keep in mind when you’re doing spell work and manifestations.

Protect yourself

When you’re manifesting or spell casting, it’s important to protect yourself first. I personally made a protection spell that I say each time I start a ritual, but there are many ways to protect yourself. You can make your own protection spell, or you can draw a sigil on yourself. That way, outside forces won’t impact you as you go into your magic.


Speaking of outside influences, it’s helpful to start fresh when diving in. You can cleanse your space and yourself by using smoke such as Palo Santo, cedar, or other types of smudge wands. Or, you can take a shower, listen to music, anything that sets you up properly for what you’re about to do and sheds away whatever you held onto until that point.

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Have the intention and believe in yourself

Words and actions have meaning. If you’re saying, “Let money come my way” without any intention, it won’t work. If you’re asking for a healthy relationship to form but don’t believe you deserve it, it won’t happen. It’s important to put power and confidence in everything you say and do in order to receive. 

Do the work

Things won’t get put into motion unless you actually do the work yourself. You want money to come your way? You might still need to polish that resume and apply for a job. You want to be healthy and happy? You still need to take the steps to get there. The universe can only help as much as you’re willing to put in. It can place things in your path, but that’ll only be beneficial if you’re on the path to begin with. 

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