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What’s Your Love Language Say About Your Valentine’s Style?

What’s Your Love Language Say About Your Valentine’s Style?

To thine own self be true – so what will make you happiest this Valentine’s Day? Take this quiz to find out!


When you were a child, what would make you the happiest to receive?

Your musical leanings can best be described as

Your favorite type of movie likely includes

Pick your poison

When deciding what to wear on a date, you tend to choose

What's Your Love Language Say About Your Valentine's Style? [COMPLETE]
Give a little, get a lot

You're the type to value receiving gifts yourself, so it seems obvious that your go-to Valentine's Day move is to buy them a little something-something. Remember, though, that bigger isn't necessarily better, and can even make your special someone uncomfortable if their love language lies elsewhere. Be sure your gift is heartfelt. Consider homemade sweets, for example. If you're set on making a purchase, aim for something the two of you can enjoy together, like tickets to a coveted event.
Time is on your side

This holiday, spend some quality time with the one you love. Remember that Valentine's Day is on a weekday, so it's not necessary to set the whole day aside. Rather, be sure that the time you spend together is spent doing something you really value, like preparing a nice meal at home together without interruptions. Time with your partner should be a priority, but be sure to avoid turning up the pressure. In the end, this is just another wonderful opportunity to show them how you feel.
Use your words

The eyes are the window to the soul, but in your case, verbalizing is just as important. No matter what your plans may entail, be sure to let your partner know what your are feeling. What, exactly, do you enjoy about spending time with them? Everyone needs reassurance at times, and explicit communication can only ever strengthen a relationship. Valentine's Day gives you the opportunity to write a lovely letter or heartfelt poem. Don't rule out music as a form of love language, either!
The grand gesture

You prefer showing over telling, just make sure you don't go too far. It doesn't always have to be fireworks and expensive items. A grand gesture can be as simple as driving out of your way to bring your loved one lunch at work. Putting in a little more effort than usual this Valentine's Day shows your lover that you value them beyond just material wealth and lip service. This means you need to consider carefully what they truly want and value. Deep cleaning the bathroom might not seem romantic at the time, but your special someone's reaction might be well worth the effort.
Let's get physical

You're a tactile person, so your demonstrations of love can be a little more physical than others. Be aware that not everyone is always the same, and that nothing is sexier than consent. PDA is also something that might be off-putting, so consider time and location. It's okay to ask for a hug or to hold the hands of the one you care for, but be sure to make sure they are just as enthusiastic about participating. Sometimes just the physical proximity of your love sitting close together while you watch a movie can be enough to recharge.

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