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When Two Queens Meet! The Malicious Maleficent 2 Trailer Breakdown

When Two Queens Meet! The Malicious Maleficent 2 Trailer Breakdown

     Its been a good month since the Maleficent 2 trailer release and the YASS Queen Meter has never been higher!

As far as pioneering live action Disney movies Angelina Jolie’s Maleficent (while met with an odd reception) is actually quite refreshing among Disney’s usual slate of films, and now that we know the story is continuing fans are giddy with excitement. Lets see what this trailer has in store for the Dark Fairy universe!

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    First off everything about this trailer screams Game of Thrones, from the storytelling and dialogue, to the stunning cinematography of ancient castles (pretty sure there will be a dragon), and the costuming that will totally come for my whole neck! In the trailer we see Aurora (Elle Fanning) being proposed to by Prince Phillip, she accepts, and Mother Maleficent is not happy. She gives a warning that Aurora will promptly ignore, “Love does not always end well beastie”, and we all know the saying mother knows best.

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     So it shouldn’t be a surprise that when they arrive at Prince Phillips’ kingdom the meet the parents dinner doesn’t go over well. In this scene Queen Ingrith (played by the stunning Michelle Pfeiffer) gives us one of the best shade sequences ever produced. Queen Ingrith chides Maleficent saying “If I didn’t know better I say you were making a threat.” To which Maleficent replies, “Well, do you?” Queen Ingrith: “Do I what?” Maleficent”..know better?” – I’ll be in that movie theater front and center!

The rest of the trailer consist of some epic battle sequences and Queen Ingrith’s obsession with turning Aurora against her mother. Is it a game of vengeance or will of destruction the Queen is waging on the Dark Fairy? None the matter, Maleficent is armed with razor sharp cheekbones, wicked wings, and a black armored body suit that will make you cry!

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     And, Maleficent will not be able to focus solely on saving Aurora from the clutches of the evil queen as her kind makes an appearance in the trailer as well. As Maleficent is seen almost plummeting to her death she is saved by another dark fairy and taken to see presumably their King. He demands that she now release her love of humans and begin caring for her own.

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    This sparks off an array of questions! Where have the dark fae been all these years, and why raise up along with Maleficent now? Is Queen Ingrith abusing her son and Aurora’s love in order to gain access to a darker power of her own? Whatever the case may be audiences cannot wait to see two of the biggest Queen on the Screen go head to head in this epic anti-hero adventure!

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The Mistress of Evil premieres in theaters this October, so grab your friends and be sure to be there beastie. Watch the full trailer below!


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