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Where In The World Do You Fit With Carmen Sandiego?

Where In The World Do You Fit With Carmen Sandiego?

You're on a heist to recover stolen goods and return them to the rightful owners. Which item do you recover first?


You're off to the next exotic destination! Where would you most likely choose to go?

What's your favorite kind of tune to listen to when planning a heist?


What was your favorite part of gym class?


You're on heist. What's your role?


Where in the World do you fit with Carmen Sandiego? [COMPLETE]
You are Carmen Sandiego!

You are the very definition of chaotic good- looking out for the little guy by playing Robin Hood. Your strong sense of justice leads others to trust your judgement, not to mention you look smashing in red!
You are Player!

You're smart as a whip but a little camera shy. You prefer to be the tech-savvy genius direction behind the spotlight- while you let others take center stage in front of it.
You are Zack!

The Zack Attack is a professional thief who doesn't let his job get in the way of having a good time. You too always support others but never lose sight of who you are.
You are Ivy!

The big sis of the group, Ivy looks out for those who are struggling. Just like Ivy, you can be a master of disguise, able to blend seamlessly with different groups and interests.

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