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Which Aggretsuko Character Are You?

Which Aggretsuko Character Are You?

Your boss assigns a crazy, long task 30 minutes before the end of the day and its due by lunch the next day. What do you do?

All of your coworkers are going out for drinks. How drunk do you get?

Uh-oh! You're late to work! Why is that?

You're behind on bills! What poor man's lunch do you bring to work to save money?

What's your go-to afterwork de-stress activity?

You hear a nasty rumor about you at work. How do you tackle it?

Is there such thing as being too ambitious when its come to your career?

Do you consider yourself a hard worker?

Your boss is being nicer than usual. How do you react?

What is your plan to get out of working for the rest of your life?

Which Aggretsuko Character Are You?

You're Retsuko! Tired, introvert, and fed up with everyone's shit. Hit up your local karaoke bar to blow off some steam!

Perceptive and insightful, you're Fenneko! You're that co-worker who always knows the skinny but rarely inserts themselves in the drama--unless a Tsunoda-type tricks you into coming to the singles mixer, of course.

You kiss-ass. Or perhaps you just know how to make the system work for you. You got Tsunoda! You've mastered the art of getting by easy in the work place with you charm and intellect...however, you annoy the hell out of your co-workers.

You got Kabae! The office gossip. Which also means you're more than likely annoying as hell. Thats okay! You're sweet and sociable and like Fenneko, you always know the latest news.

Poised and classy, you got Washimi! You're a go-getter who is confident in her work ethic AND her walk.

A hopeless romantic, fearless worker, and steadily improving herself, you're Gori!

Ahh yes, the Space Cadet. You're Resasuke! If thats the case there is no point in making this description've already checked out.

You're Haida! Sweet and mild-mannered, you don't always say the right thing but you're heart is always in the right place!

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