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Which ‘Fate’ Servant Class Are You?

Which ‘Fate’ Servant Class Are You?

When faced with a touch task, which do you tend to do?

What do you believe is your strongest attribute?

Would you consider yourself a leader or a follower?

What is your deepest fear?

How much do you prefer working with others?

If you could have any super power, what would it be?

What's your preferred combat range?

If you were to win the Holy Grail War, what would your wish be?

Which 'Fate' Servant Class Are You?

Archer class servants are know for their long range attacks and using projectiles. Because of this they are able to see great distances and use high points to their advantage. You hold strongly to your beliefs and values. It takes a lot for someone to convince you otherwise. You are quick-witted and strategic, knowing when is the best time to fight and when to flee. You like learning new things so you can consider various options for the appropriate situations. You keep calm in stressful situations, and become frustrated when others don't do the same. You're honesty is valued by others, but can sometimes get you into trouble because you're blunt and straight-forward.

This class are powerful and agile warriors, and have been seen as the most powerful servant class. They are knights of the sword. You are independent and reserved. You tend to think before you speak so your ideas are expressed clearly and thoughtfully. Loyalty and courage are traits important to you, and you make sure you also express them. You see the good in others and tend to give people second chances if you deem them deserving. You are strong-willed and determined, always fighting for what you believe in and defending those who can't help themselves.

This class displays excellent close combat skills and are very agile. They take advantage of range and speed, and are proficient with hit-and-run tactics while using long-range weapons. You're a very laid back individual. It takes a lot to anger you, and that normally involves people being cruel or mistreating others. You tend to go with the flow in life and don't worry to much about the future. The kind of mindset you have is "whatever happens, happens." You can be quite playful and fun with others, but when you're given a task you really work hard to make it perfect.

This class has gone berserk at least once in their lifetime. In doing so, they trade their consciousness and sanity for a large power boost. You are extremely strong-willed and steadfast. Unfortunately, you have a quick temper and are easily annoyed. When someone angers you, you make sure they regret it. Once you set your mind to something no one can stop you. You're a very hard worker and don't stop until you feel the job is done.

This class is adept in magecraft, and has a mastery of sorcery of high caliber. You like to have interests in various areas, which makes you very talented. Mostly a loner, you keep your talents to yourself until you find others as like-minded as you and are proud of what you can achieve. You spend much of your time to yourself since you are a deep thinker. Because of this, you tend to be creative in your endeavors.

Assassin class is skilled in being covert, stealthy, and silent. More skilled in killing Masters than Servants, they remain undetected when spying or preparing an ambush. You're someone who is quiet and composed. You don't allow things to phase you and are rarely surprised or caught off guard. You don't care too much about conflict, and your reactions are dependent on how others react. Your interests occur one at a time, never pursuing a lot of things at once.

Known for riding mounts, their Noble Phantasms allow for powerful abilities in battle. You don't take action until absolutely necessary. You're very protective over the people you care about. You tend to be hypervigilant, always aware of the smallest details and nuances around you. You are often underestimated by others as you keep your intelligence and talents to yourself.

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