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Which KonMari Method Calls To You?

Which KonMari Method Calls To You?

You would be most likely to collect

The messiest room in your house is

The most expensive item you own would likely be

When your clothes finish in the dryers, you

Your least favorite chore is

Which KonMari Method Calls To You? [COMPLETE]
Let go of your nostalgia

Your love for the past is putting rose colored filters on needless things. Memories are the most important thing to treasure- not that grubby T-shirt from middle school.
Respect your belongings

Is that your favorite skirt? Why is it crumpled on the floor? Treat the things you love as though you love them- and if you need space to do it, prioritize. Those items can go to someone who will love them best too.
Cut down on the paperwork

Switch to electronic billing whenever possible. If you must keep something physical, make a note to go back through it every three months or so.
Start from square one

Be brave. Set aside a day and pull everything from your closet, drawers or shelves and make a pile. Now you have to decide: what goes back and what goes away. Good luck!
Dig deep

This means excavating not only your things but also yourself. The decisions that brought you to this clutter need to be examined and addressed before you can make real change.

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