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Which New Crunchyroll Anime Is Calling Your Name? Take This Quiz To Find Out!

Which New Crunchyroll Anime Is Calling Your Name? Take This Quiz To Find Out!

What anime genre most appeals to you?

Which of the following are you most likely to buy at a convention?

What is your favorite type of protagonist?


When watching anime, you prefer to...

How often do you watch anime?

Which New Crunchyroll Anime is Calling Your Name?
My Roommate is a Cat!

This slice of life anime follows a novelist's relationship with a stray cat from their alternating POVs. Check out more about this title and others releasing in January here!
Mysteria Friends

Stunning visuals and character designs with bite-sized episodes. Follow Anne and Grea as they study magic and forge important bonds. Read more about this title and the other January offerings here!
Grimms Notes

Check out this anime based on a free-to-play RPG by Square Enix that features all your favorite fairy tale characters with a twist! Read more about this title and Crunchyroll's other offerings here!

A magical girl anime about a demon lord Mao who travels back in time to try and thwart the hero who will grow to defeat her. The cute art and lighthearted plot will put you in a great mood. Check out more about this anime and others on the Crunchyroll line up here!
Run with the Wind!

One of the latest installments in 'unusual sports anime,' this series focuses on Kakeru, a former elite runner, who bonds with his misfit dorm to compete in a long distance race. Since this series began airing in October, you have time to catch up before the end of its 23 episode run! Check out what else is available on Crunchyroll in January here!

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