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[QUIZ] The 2019 New Year’s Affirmation Should You Follow (Instead Of A Resolution)

[QUIZ] The 2019 New Year’s Affirmation Should You Follow (Instead Of A Resolution)

New Years Resolutions? Those are so last year! For 2019, try to focus on the positive. Take this quiz to find out what New Years Affirmation you should try!


In 2018, you...

You are...

Which item is most likely languishing in your closet?

When you think about change, you...

What is your opinion of New Years Resolutions in general?

Which New Year's Affirmation should you try and follow instead of a Resolution in 2019?
Make better connections with others

It can be hard to make time in your busy life for others, but sometimes the effort is worth it. Make a point to call for birthdays instead of quick Facebook shout-out. Set up regular get-togethers with your favorite people, even if it's only once a month or so. Reaching out to others lets them know that it's okay to reach out for you, too. This goes for forming new friendships and connections as well. Make this a year full of love.
Commit to better health

Health is different for every person. Instead of obsessing over weight and size, focus on what you can do to make yourself a healthier person. Whether that is drinking more water, getting more sunshine, or trying a new routine like walking or yoga, do what you can to increase your own physical well-being. Make this your healthiest year yet.
Work on organization

Disorganization can manifest in an untidy space or an untidy mind. While tried and true techniques like bullet journaling can be super effective, less structured methods are also helpful. Make it point to adhere to a schedule- even if that means reorganizing your responsibilities. Become more effective in 2019 through your own mindfulness.
Learn a new hobby or skill

The goal in learning something new isn't mastery- it's the journey of discovery. Whether you pick up a new instrument or finally crack open that sketchbook, enjoy each step that you take in developing a new skill set. Remember that learning is a process and allow your new skills to be an outlet from stress and tedium. Be creative in 2019.
Push yourself

Step outside your comfort zone. This can be as drastic as skydiving or as simple as re-trying a food you didn't care for. New experiences make for a more experienced and well-rounded person, and you will learn things about yourself that you might never have discovered otherwise. Remember that you are the one to set your boundaries. And if you still don't care for mushrooms, well- at least you can say you tried.

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