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[QUIZ] Which New Year’s Tradition Should You Follow When The Clock Strikes 12?

[QUIZ] Which New Year’s Tradition Should You Follow When The Clock Strikes 12?

The transition into the new year is celebrated all over the world. Take this quiz to find out what is the best way to greet 2019 for you- you might just kick off a new yearly tradition!


For New Years Eve, you would prefer...

2018, was, in a word:

What do you want out of 2019?

The purpose of NYE is...

What are your spending goals for this NYE?

Which New Year's Tradition should you follow when the clock strikes 12?
Break something!

In Denmark, smashing old and damaged crockery on your friend's doorstep is a long-standing tradition. While leaving a mess for cleaning on New Years Day might not be universally appreciated, the catharsis theory indicates that stress can sometimes be lessened if people are given an opportunity to vent their frustration. If you want a calm, clean slate, smash your way into 2019!
Give a kiss!

Kissing at New Years is a long standing tradition emulated in movies and tv shows everywhere. It creates a bond between yourself and the person you kiss. Kisses can, of course, be romantic- but giving a friendly kiss on the cheek to a friend or sibling, or even giving a kiss to your beloved pet will make 2019 a year of companionship and close ties.
Eat some grapes!

In Spain, eating 12 grapes at midnight- one for each month of the upcoming year. This tradition is meant to ensure good luck and prosperity and is generally eaten while celebrating with family or friends. This is a fun, easy addition to a night out- just carry your grapes in a little baggy wherever you go!
Make pancakes!

In France, Le Reveillon is celebrated on Christmas and New Years Eves. These celebrations often involve complex dinners meant to be enjoyed right up to midnight. If escargot and duck foie groie isn't to your taste, one of the traditional foods served during this celebration is the good old fashioned pancake. Plus, hosting a breakfast-themed New Years Party will circumvent the need for a Waffle House run later on.
Burn something!

In Ecuador, burning effigy dolls called the monigote helps clear away the toxic parts of the previous year before ringing in the new. Try burning your list of resolutions to commit to real change for the better. You can also light up something small and bright, like a candle or some sparklers!

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