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Which Infinity Gem From “Infinity War” Are You?

Which Infinity Gem From “Infinity War” Are You?

In a group project, what can you be seen doing?

Who was your favorite side character in "Infinity War?"

Which Myers Briggs type seems the closest to you?

What's your idea of a perfect weekend?

Where would you like to live?

What do you think your best trait is?

If you were to kill someone how would you be caught?

Would you accept the gift of reading other people’s minds if it meant you could never turn it off?

Which Soul Stone From "Infinity War" Are You?
The Soul Stone

You are the Soul Stone! The Soul Stone allows the user to control all souls (living or dead). You have a quiet untapped power within you, and while you may not know it, others around you do. You captivate those who meet you, and you have an easy time leading groups. Your natural mysterious nature, and introverted tendencies make you and this stone a perfect match!
The Power Stone

You are the Power Stone! The Power Stone has the ability to destroy entire civilizations. It also lets the user enhance their own strength. You have a bold personality, and are very headstrong. You do things on your time, and not according to anyone else. You are more of an extrovert, and a "people person". Your ability to easily talk to, and convince groups of people without breaking a sweat makes you a perfect match for this stone.
The Time Stone

You are the Time Stone! The Time Stone allows anyone to see into the past and the future. You can also manipulate the speed of time. You do things your way with an unmatched efficiency. Your events are planned out weeks in advance, and you know how to get everything done in the best way. Your logical nature sense makes you and this stone a perfect match.
The Space Stone

You are the Space Stone! The Space Stone lets the user create wormholes to distant places. The user can also move and warp the distance between objects. You have a love for nature and travel. You are highly aware of all of your senses, and enjoy both the big and little things in life. You appreciate different cultures and experiences, and know how to express your wanderlust. Your tendency to walk in your own direction make you and the Space Stone very alike.
The Mind Stone

You are the Mind Stone! The Mind Stone allows the user to increase their own mental capabilities, and manipulate, view, and enter the thoughts of others. You value intelligence and higher thinking over everything else. You are able to think quickly on your feet, and understand abstract ideas with ease. You see patterns quickly in any situation, and know how to play your strengths up. Your quick-wit makes you an equal with this stone.
The Reality Stone

You are the Reality Stone! The Reality Stone allows the user to alter reality, and transform matter. You enjoy daydreaming, and thinking of alternate outcomes for many situations. You have a knack for most artistic things, and you enjoy thinking in the abstract. People have described you as "right-brained". Your capability to work for change makes you the Reality Stone.

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